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  1. keep looking never trust anyone else on when to pick. i have picked til fathers day many years in minnesota.
  2. Because the central is so strong and after the 4 dropped we are 3 1/2 games back. still have a good chance of going one and out.
  3. still nothing up here. found lots of false morels yesterday so only a matter of days.
  4. In a scrap right now Boogard!! but for all around Scott at least he can play a semi regular shift. The refs don't have a boner for him yet like Boogard.
  5. leech just remember they are not in the same areas here as in your neck o the woods.
  6. Juneau do you grind it and then let it sit? how long should you let it sit to get really hot?
  7. I have been making my own for a few years now. Does anyone have any good recipes for making it? My patch must be fairly mild because my 9 year old daughter helps me dig it and she eats the roots like a carrot.
  8. Up here anytime from end of may to middle of June. for grays and after that for Yellows.
  9. my lab does this also first one that has ever showed any sign of snow bothering. I take my beard trimmer and cut the hair from between his pads and he is fine until that grows back.
  10. that was what I have found also. I was hoping someone had a answer I like more!!!
  11. has anyone ever canned any wild mushrooms? I would love to try canning some this year i like to dry them for storage space but thought the juice would make awesome gravy.
  12. Asparagus is very hard to start. drive around and look in old farmsteads check old fence lines powerlines that have been around for many years. from the road Asparagus looks alot like sweet clover. check along side railroad tracks also.
  13. made spaghetti with some this weekend the sauce overpowered the morels. won't do that again.
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