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  1. thank you great job on the league ( icefishinnut )
  2. I'm in again under icefishinnut
  3. This is a good way to keep them crisp
  4. As of 12\24 Lake Nebagamon was over half open, no ice by the beach or boat landing
  5. All signed up ... I'm not missing any weeks this year
  6. Yeah thanks My secondary would have scored big
  7. I just got done with my basement and I used DRIcore on the floor... they come in 2 x 2 squares and are made of osb with a plastic back that keeps the wood off the floor and still allows water to run underneath in case you have water problems and then you can tile or carpet right over the top of it
  8. JAR JAR

    Something new

    Tomatillo's will be my "new" try this year they make great sauces
  9. Hey thanks guys ... I learned one thing.... never set your drivers on your phone.. some reason it didn't take and never got the points but I guess you learn lol
  10. It's a toss up for me , I love the dipseys and do well on them but also like lead core being more stealth but if all I could use is one style it would be lead core
  11. I'm in no 3 week late start this year for me
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