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  1. to me this is an easy one, get the camera..... You seem to be happy with the fl-8, if that is the case stay with it, the new bells and whistles on the flashers newer than your FL-8 can't give you what a camera can. See the type of bottom structure, what type of fish, how they react to your baits, and you will out fish a flasher (during daylight hours ) I have caught so many fish that never moved a bobber or even felt but saw them inhale it on the camera. I haven't found a lake that I haven't been able to use that camera (I really respect Harvey and have read so many of his comments in the past that make so much sense but I have to disagree with that one). I also don't know why you can't just pull the camera up a little higher to use it on suspended fish, I do that all the time so I didn't understand that comment. To me the biggest draw back and really the only one, is they are worthless at night. If you only fish at night then pass, because its not worth it. Again this assumes you like your current flasher, which it sounds like you do. If you have kids or a gal that has any interest, the its an even easier call to make.
  2. Quote: Dont feel bad man I wound up with 6 of them. LOL. At $20 a piece I couldnt pass it up. I got some of them bobber stops too. Plus 6 Stone Lagacy rod bags for $7 a piece. Also got about 100 spoons from different vendors at really good deals. Forgot to pick up my Digger anchor auger rack. Northlander, you didn't get 6 stone legacy revolution bags did you? I want another one but didn't see them at the show. if you did and they were $7 that was the steal of the show, if you want to make $ on one let me know! I did see a red bad that had some similar features to the Rev bag but got distracted by something and forgot all about it.
  3. I fish with mulitple kids and you will never say "is this house to big". I have the biggest fat bottom eskimo and I highly recommend it. To me if you fish with the kids a lot you won't need insulated house cause your probably not going to be out long enough for it to really matter. if I can get a good 3hrs out of my kids I am happy, I have a decent heater going and it usually keeps them plenty warm. I will jinx myself but I have had zero hub issues and if you have any logicial mind you can get them set up in the wind without a hassle. I actually use the wind to my advantage to help set them up. I fish big water often (leech) so I have had played in the wind plenty. Get command post or the biggest eskimo one, its ford vs chevy, which ever you can get the best price on or if you have a color preference and get the kids out, you will love the large hub, you won't go "wrong"
  4. Would love to know the reasons behind the last comment but I have AA. And while they have done the job, they are too warm for me and just don't breath at all, so I end up over heating and sweating like crazy. I have had ZERO quality issues after 4 years with mine and have beat on them pretty good. I have found them best for snowmobling actually. because they don't breath I am looking into striker lighter bibs. Oh and the AA just have the two "cargo" pockets, wish the bibs had more.
  5. eskimo fatfish 9416 end of story. I have two young boys and two nephews that have a dead beat dad so I take them out often. we all fit in this no problem, each kid gets their own area, tons of room. and if my fishing buddy and I just want to go out we have all the space in the world for multiple holes, for the flashers, cameras, put a little camping table in there etc etc Best thing is I can/do set it up by my self, it packs up to a tidy package. I could not be more impressed with it. forgot to add it has two doors (i have heard some of the hubs just have one) so its easy to get the little ones in and out, the windows also Velcro off which turns out to be a nicer feature that I didn't think was important when buying. I fish leech a lot with it, and haven't had any issues with wind blowing it in. I lay it out right and anchor one hub down before I open it all the way and the wind actually helps set it up.
  6. if you are warm blooded you will not be cold in the AA suit. I rarely wear the jacekt and bibs as its too warm for me and then I sweat which isn't good. I'll put on the jacket the most when moving from spot to spot on the sled or if I run out of gas in the heater (portable)but thats about it. Wish the bibs had more pockets... Arctic Armor Page - Click Here to Order.
  7. I don't know if you have tried the Mud Hole blanks or not, I hope you have or you can't say if its comparable or not. I have, the MHX line, and they are fantastic. I have MHX and TB rods. Love them both, I don't know if the specs are the same but they both perform amazing and I am not sure I could tell the two apart in a blind test they are that good. I am not saying mudhole is selling TB blanks as I assume they are totally different, but to say something of a lower price doesn't compare with out trying both (again I am assuming you haven't) then in fairness you shouldn't make comments like that. Yes its a small sample size, but I was extremely impressed. I love to stay local and shop at TB often but for the difference in price I just can't spend that much more on any more TB blanks. I was dissapointed to see mudhole using the same model names, it was nice for a reference but wish they wouldn't have done that, I don't like copycats, make a good product and let the performance get it noticed. In my opinion you can not go wrong with either, we are talking about two top tier rod blanks.
  8. Funny, if you posted this last year everyone would say "stay away from Clam" as they SEEMED to have the quality issues. I have the FatFish 9416 or whatever the huge one is and have loved it, the compliants I have seen have been around the FatFish that is insulated. I can't comment on any other model as I only one that one pop up but before buying my I talked to Reeds and they said last year the Quick Fish models were the ones they had heard the best reviews with and fewest warranty claims. So take that for what its worth.
  9. i have used a universal tow bar on my Frabil, it might have been a Clam one. Based on that design I really do believe they are universal, you mount your brackets hook up the bar to the sled and the vehicle and off you go. my only concern would be if you sled is not wide enough for the legs of the tow bar but you would have to have a pretty small sled for that to be the case.
  10. pretty sure I have the 27inch medium, and I have really liked it, the handle is money, I love that i don't have to tape my reel onto it like my TB rod or worry about it breaking like my TB rod as well. is it as good as those, no, but for the price I really like it. Also the handle is a little thicker than most and it just fits my hand nicely.
  11. sorry for the double post, I started this in the worng section... I have been reading a lot on here about the Fat fish houses getting a bad rap for a few issues, I wanted to share some of my experiences that were positive in case someone is considering one. Note: I do not work for eskimo, or am being asked or paid(I wish) by them in any capacity, come to think of it this is the first eskimo product i think i have ever owned, anyways... I have the big big fat fish, sorry I don't know the exact name, just googled it, it’s the 9416. I got it at the ice show this year for a killer price as i have got to know one of the retailers there and it was late Sunday and he didn't want to haul it back to the store. I have a frabril predator with i really like but if you want to fish more than 2 you’re out of luck. So i was looking at a hub style house to get the kids, dog, wife extended family that once or twice a year want to come out and fish, but mainly for the kids. First off clearly this thing is a monster, it says it can fish 9, I wouldn’t fish 9 but I would not be against fishing 6 adults in there, it’s huge! They also show it being carried on the ice like a backpack, okay sure the stuff sack for it has straps but I wouldn’t last long doing that and would have no luck bringing anything else with me, so get a sled for it or wait till you can drive. I was up on leech this past weekend and used it for 3 days and this is what I found. Set up: I set it up by myself once at the cabin for a trial run, and three times on the ice. One day I had my 7yr nephew help as there was 20-25mph winds (according to weather.com)but outside of that it was all me. Super easy to set up. First day I used no anchors of any kind as it was calm. 2nd day I used two Ice Angel anchors with the provided ropes on the two hubs that were facing the wind, more so that I could try out the Ice Angels than anything. Wind Stability: This was my biggest concern AFTER buying it I read of others having problems with the poles and hubs not staying in place. With 20-25mph winds I was not even going to bother but we were on leech and I wasn’t going to sit at the cabin and watch others fish, so we went out. I used my truck for a wind block and I do think that helped some but it took a calculated approach to setting it up and not having it blow away. I laid out the house on the ice, hooked up the two Ice Angels on the windy side then popped open the tent, it blew in right away and I thought we were done. I moved the house away from the Ice Angels so they pulled more horizontally than vertically and that helped, I then used the ice screw anchors that came with the house in 6 spots, (each corner and one in the middle on each long side). That house rocked and rattled but in 2.5hrs it never came down. One thing to note, I put the heater on the downwind side just in case the windy side did collapse. Take down: Taking it down is as easier than setting it up. I also was able to get it back in the bag it came with all 3 times, by myself, on the ice without any extra straps. Maybe the bag for the big one is better suited but I was worried about that after reading on here but I have had no issues. Overall impression: I was nearly ready to bring mine back before I took it out of the box after reading about it on here but I am so glad I didn’t. the one I have is so big we basically fished out of one half and the dog and kids played on the other half with no issues, the fact I can set it up and take it down by myself is even better. I have not had problems with poles being too tight, getting it back in the bag, or wind stability once I set up the Anchors. I used my Mr Heater/Cooker to heat the place, never went more than “low”, probably could have bumped it up a notch one of the afternoons but I could have put my jacket as well. It wasn’t super cold but I suspect a heater like that would take care of the place fine for 95% of the days I will fish in it. I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. Don’t be afraid to look at the 9416 if you looking for the biggest portable you can find that is easy to set up and take down.
  12. i think I have had mine for 4 years, its not the flat screen one. its been a very good camera and performed very well. I don't find any issues with it being hard to use or scaring fish away. I would say if i am fishing during daylight hours I use it 95% of the time. Its not good for low light/night time conditions use one of the panners or the black disks to hold/spin camera when needed. If you have kids, its worth every penny. I wasn't sure about going with the Cabela brand camera, i got mine out of the bargin cave so I was even more concerned as it was returned but its worked get for years now. One thing to note, if its gets REALLY cold I had it not work for me twice. Both times I left it in the garage overnight at the cabin and it was way below zero. both times warmed it up and it fired up just fine..
  13. a drive to their excellent customer service shop in big lake would have probably saved you time in the long run....
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