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  1. I would guess that the reason people didn't buy many tickets is if you go to a number of shows/events like this you get hit up over and over and over for raffle tickets and many of them sell the non-winning tickets to telemarketers... at least that's why we don't sell many at the county fair. We were approached on the last day by 4 different people offering up to 200 dollars for the box of non-winning raffle tickets for the names, phone numbers and addresses on them.
  2. I don't care if the laws prohibit it or not. If I catch you in my fish house and you haven't asked me for permission...we're gonna tangle. I would never dream of entering someone else's fish house without permission and so pompous as to think that I had a "Right" to fish there.
  3. If I want to go fishing on Saturday.. Wednesday after I get home from work I ask two questions.... "Honey, what is going on this weekend?" and "I'm going fishing on Saturday, what do you need me to get done around here before I go?" And get it done. Usually me banging around and swearing, trying to fix something with my poor handyman skills and she's more than ready to get me out of the house for some peace and quiet. And I encourage my wife to do things with her sister or friends whenever she wants to or even when she kind of doesn't want to. If she has stuff to do without me... I can do my own thing.
  4. People spend just as much, and often more for their summer fishing boats and they only use them during the summer and have to store them for the winter... I can use the wheelhouse all year round... It's like my boat for the ice!
  5. I have heard a Yamaha 1000 and a Honda 1000 side by side and they are the same as far as noise level. Very quiet. The Yamaha runs just a little longer on a tank of gas...but not much.
  6. Pick up a mouth blown Predator call..the dying cottontail rabbit to begin with. Then listen online for sound bytes to learn what it should sound like and practice a bit. Then get out in the early morning or evening and move quietly and as carefully as you can to your stand location. You don't want any coyotes that may be nearby to see or hear you. Sit tight to let things calm down a bit and then call em in and drop the hammer.
  7. I installed mine much like Glockwingers. I just bought a cheap stud finder and they were all close enough that I could mount the rattle wheels and swingarms so that they are over the holes. They work really well.
  8. You can get won ton wrappers at most grocery stores. I mix one package of cream cheese with a tablespoon or so of sugar and fill them with that and fry...or, a little big of browned sausage and finely chopped green onion inside. very tasty and very easy.
  9. I just looked out the window and notice a couple of the maple trees are turning color which got me thinking about a ride to see the fall colors when they are at their peak. Where would you recommend going for a ride for the best fall colors viewing?
  10. I bought an 8x18 a few years ago and I wish I would have gone smaller, believe it or not. The issue for me is the weight. Due to the last couple winters being not so good for ice making (slush and late freezeover) it has really limited my use of the wheelhouse. What you choose for counter space you sacrifice in fishing space (floor space for holes)
  11. The Ferry to Madeline Island is beautiful. I recommend it in the fall.
  12. I second the odoban product. It works. I store mine folded up in the garage with a few dryer sheets...someone told me it would keep mice away...don't know about that but I've never had a mice problem...but it does smell nice when I open it up.
  13. Heading out early in the morning on the 31st. Can't wait. The minutes are sure ticking by slowly. I'll be riding out again. rode all the way last year. I am not a big fan of crowds sometimes but I sure like the crowd there. I love people watching. Plenty of wonderful riding around the area that everyone should do at least once. I'll go to Sturgis every year I can. I look forward to it all year long.
  14. Absolutely take the course. I took it as an "experienced" rider thinking that it might be boring or easy. I learned a LOT! especially how to handle the bike at slow speeds and the correct way to brake. There were several in my class that had never ridden a motorcycle before and one that hadn't even sat on a motorcycle before..or even riden a bicycle. She did very well and recieved her endorsement. Not saying that it's easy to get your endorsement in the class but you actually learn something hands on rather than your other option of reading it out of the book and trying it on your own...possibly developing bad habits that are hard to break. The class is MORE than worth it.
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