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  1. Unplug the crankcase plugs(on 95 Polaris the plugs are on the front of the engine and under the muffler) not sure where they are on the cat.., there might be some fuel sitting on the bottom.
  2. I have an old snowmobile torn track, how do i recycle it? trash company won't take it. Thanks. Soft.
  3. soft

    141" track.

    Thanks guys.I called those places but they don't have any 141" track. Can I just replace my rails that would fit 136" track?, i hope i can find these rails a lot easier than try to find the 141" track.
  4. soft

    141" track.

    Dan, it is 1990 Polaris Indy Sport GT, there is a part number on the old track Polaris 5410531. Thanks. Soft
  5. Hello.. I just bought an old Polaris 2 up for ice fishing with broken track, I thought it is 136" track but after bought a useD 136" track then found out I need a 141' track.... Is there a place that sell used 141"track for reasonable price? THANKS IN ADVANCE.. SOFT....
  6. Good morning LABS4ME, I am interested in the Johnson 9.9hp tiller. Please call me @ 763-478-7593....or email [email protected] Thanks. Soft.
  7. Musky Hunter, I have a 14' Alumincraft and just want to do the same thing as your boat, I am interested in your floor plan, please email me [email protected] Thanks. Soft.
  8. soft

    Lorance XOG?

    Hi all. I am planning on buy a GPS device, can't make up my mind between H2Oc or XOG. I do ice fishing and open water fishing. I would like to know the PROs and CONs of the H2Oc and XOG. Thanks. Soft.
  9. I have 1973 14' Aluma Craft boat, the piece of wood behind the boat (where motor clamp onto) is rotton. The old one looks like a piece of 1 1/4" solid wood, it is as wide as the boat and as deep as the boat. What type of wood should i use, and does it have to be the same size as the old one? Thanks. Soft
  10. Quote: One other thought. Many older boats also have a plate on the back of the boat that the motor touches. Replace that when you are replacing the transom. Now what type wood should i use for this plate?. Thanks. soft.
  11. Good morning. What type of wood do you guys use for replace transom (treated plywood or marine plywood or hard wood)on 14' alum. boat?, and how do you waterproof the wood?. thanks. soft.
  12. Hi gopher nation Do you use the hi speed transducer or just the ice transducer on your set up?. Thanks.
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