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  1. Ufatz, did you work for Alaska F&G ? If so you may know of my brother's work on the Chinook taggings. In recent years he's been spending his springs around the Keta River area near Ketch. His name is Dave, if that rings a bell.
  2. Virtually all his work the past 30 years has been in Southeast. I think the farthest north he's worked has been Yakutat. So I'm guessing he may have not see a wild Char in his work.
  3. He's currently on vacation, until Mid march or April, then off to the rivers to trap minnows. He rarely gets time in the office until winter. He may pass biefly through here in the next week or two, and if the opportunity exists, I'll see if he wants to answer your question. You might also look at the 2 links here: http://www.adfg.state.ak.us/pubs/notebook/fish/a%5Echar.php http://www.adfg.state.ak.us/pubs/notebook/fish/dolly_v.php
  4. My Brother is a Fisheries Biologist with Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game, and based in Sitka. He reports that there are no walleyes in Alaska, anywhere.
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    Sitka is on the west side of Baranof Island, total length of the road system is 13 miles end to end. Mountains one one side of town, ocean on the other. I've been end to end a few times. There's no railroad tracks there. maybe you are thinking of a different town.
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    UpNorth, Dad, is from Kinney, Mom from Mt. Iron, the cabin is on Leander. I grew up with Toivo and Eino, they are my friends. OCF, If you're looking to rent a boat, that might be a tall order. Fishing in the Sitka area is incrediblely good, but with out any knowledge of that area, would be very difficult at best. My borther lives there, and one of his nieghbors is a guide, has a really nice boat. He will fish Kings, Coho's and Halibut right now. His name is Kent Hall , and originally from Stillwater.
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    For Fishing or Hunting? For fishing, you might contact Fly-a-way Fly shop. Their number should be in directory service.
  8. .17HMR is a great little round! Last December I bought the M77 Ruger heavy barrel version of the .17, and mounted a 3x9 leupold on it, which seems just right. I was able to plink a half dozen gray squirrels at 127 yards as measured via GPS, while down south visting Mom over the holidays. I got the Leupold scope from Cabela's, and the Ruger from the GunStop in the Glen Lake neighborhood of Minnetonka, for the best price i could find anywhere, internet or local stores. But watch out for that heavy recoil.
  9. Any one that watches The Red Green Show knows who Hap Shaughnessy is. He the old guy that tells the tallest tales ever told, like when he had a tiger ranch "every spring, branding time was a bloodbath"
  10. (Contact US Regarding This Word) knows. For spin rods it's straight cork with no reel seat. The reel is afixed with 3M Scotch Electrical tape, not the cheap stuff. Strongest reel seat available, and you can move the reel around to find what's best for you, unlike a fixed seat. And not worries about masking tape!
  11. Rod building isn't the black art that some would make you believe. It's fairly easy, if you have some patience. Cabela's sells complete kits,(good instructions included) and individual components in it's custom tackle catalog. There are other resources to be found on the net. After you build a couple, you should be able to match or exceed the quality of some very expensive locally made rods. Anybody remember Rodcraft on Lyndale in Richfield? What happened to them and old Ralph?
  12. gpsman nailed it on the head with his answer. I believe Outdoor Life Shooting Editor Jim Carmichael wrote pretty much the same explanation about a dozen years ago. I shoot bottom barrel first for the same exact reason as Gpsman said.
  13. About a dozen years ago i went on a search for O/U I hit the local Gander in Duluth and looked hard, getting the feel of several, the Browning, the Baretta, the Winchester and the Ruger. The Browning felt all wrong, too unwieldy, the Winchester was a club, it came down to the Baretta and the Ruger. The Baretta had a shoddy fit & finish. The last I looked at was the Ruger. It was balanced, and it was right. It was about $950 in 1993 dollars. So i bought the Red Label, 26", stainless reciever model. First 2 shots from that gun dropped 2 flushing partridge. (that's grouse to you folks south of Highway 2)I use the skeet chokes while hunting partridge. First time I tried a Sporting Clays course, I shot a 32 of 50 with that gun, out scored my friend who had a club membership, and haven't been invited to shoot with him since. I vote Ruger Red Label, 26"
  14. Go with the Lowrance I-Finder Hunt. It'll do what the H2o does, and also has features for those of us who venture off the water, into the woods hunting. Garmin? Tried one once, that was enough.
  15. There has been a lot of talk out on the lakes about the Shimano's binding. Having looked carefully at the offending reels, and doing exhausting research on the subject, we learned this: There are Shimano knock-offs being produced in Latin America. These reels are the only ones we've been to document as having binding problems. We attribute this to their inferior materials, and overall machining and Q/C. One of the keys to detecting these knock off reels is to very carefully inspect the company name on the reel body. The knock-offs are spelled Chimano.
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