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  1. I see this is a couple months old, but I'm interested too.. I haven't bought any Raps this year, mainly because I've only been on the water twice. Don't have a hitch anymore so I can't pull my tiny fishin boat to the lake However, I've never had problems with Rapala quality, just the price. I mostly buy Shad Raps in varying sizes, along with some traditional/original style floating Raps. The best thing about them is they are almost always "tuned" to run straight and true out of the box. I know what depth they will run with a certain amount of line out. If they have changed to where they are breaking bills off and pulling hooks through, that really sucks and I'll have to find a different lure company. I know of Salmo but they aren't cheap either if I recall correctly, so its hard to spend money on lures I have no comfort level with. What would be comparable to a Rapala Shad Rap, from Salmo or other good lure co.?
  2. Did you figure anything out? As was stated above, the very first step is to read the code(s). There is no point speculating before doing that. You can get a basic OBD II code reader quite cheap these days. Like under 30 bucks. Several things will make a Malibu or other GM cars go into limp mode, along with Chryslers. I am not familiar with Fords. You need the code to know where to start, since it could be a totally different area than you're thinking, such as camshaft/ crankshaft position sensors, or even issues with O2 sensors.
  3. I haven't been down to Clear Lake in several years, since the funeral for my amazing uncle who was a great outdoorsman. Feeling a bit sentimental... could anyone tell me how Clear Lake fishery stands now? Thinking about taking a day to drive down and fish some of the old spots Uncle Steve showed me. Won't be bringing a boat, just shore fishing and possibly wading in a couple areas.
  4. I'm interested if you still have it. Are you in Lonsdale?
  5. My email is my username at yahoo dot com
  6. could i get pics or description of couch/loveseat?
  7. Please put me next in line, will pick up same day notified. Thanks freebledsoe (at yahoo dot com)
  8. How do they survive winters here? Wiki says the adults can't breathe underwater but need to surface to gulp air. Hard to do with the lakes ice covered...?
  9. After dragging my suitcase style portable across the lake (I have no atv) I found that when I tried to set it up... the pole that goes across the ceiling was missing. Then I got to backtrack and look through all the snow I traveled across, didn't find it after a good hour. Then decide to wrap it up cuz its too cold for me to sit on a bucket, and find the pole underneath the portable's base. Um, apparently it falls out the the hinge side when I open it.
  10. freebledsoe

    Riggin Smelt

    Wow, never used or even seen a hook like that used on a tip-up. Do you run that hook thru the smelt body or something?
  11. I use suckers 90% of the time. Used to use golden shiners but as has been stated, they die quickly. I usually go with a 5 to 6 inch sucker. I don't drop them all the way to the bottom though, is that done mainly with dead bait? I'd like to try the smelt or ciscoes sometime just to compare my catch success.
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