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  1. TravisC

    Anyone got a good idea?

    Buy the precision trolling book and tape the pages for that crank on the inside of the boxes.
  2. TravisC

    Ranger/ YarCraft/Warrior which one and why??

    the 620T is 20' 1/2" long and 1725 hull weight. the 620VS is 20' 3" long and 2165 single counsle hull weight.
  3. TravisC

    Best Leadcore Short rods

    If you like to hold a rod in your hand while trolling the 5' is way easier to hang onto for long periods of time than a longer rod.
  4. TravisC

    Best Leadcore Short rods

    Scheels makes a great 5' shorty lead rod. i have pulled in 6 pounders with it and it works great. also works well with fireline and mono also.
  5. TravisC

    Ranger/ YarCraft/Warrior which one and why??

    I ran a 2000 125 merc started great cold would not start very good warm or idle very well. ran great at wot. stick with a 4-stroke.
  6. TravisC

    Tail Dancer Deep #9 question

    Its real close to the same dive curve as the deep little ripper reef runner.
  7. TravisC

    Tracker vs Alumacraft/Lund

    Do yourself a favor and buy a lund. been there done that with the tracker!
  8. mtt is at lotw july 6th and 7th northstar summer classic is 27th and 28th on lotw in july walleye classic is on devils august 11th and 12th
  9. TravisC

    Dive Curve

    yep im leaving next tuesday i hope.
  10. TravisC

    Dive Curve

    My chart also lists 34' at 170' and 35 at 200' out with fireline
  11. TravisC

    Dive Curve

    here you go. mono 20-70' 25-115 29-200' fireline 20-56' 25-86' 30-124' hope that helps fireline is 10-4 mono is .013 dia.
  12. TravisC

    Dive Curve

    Ill dig out my book and get back to you. are you looking for mono or fireline dive curves?
  13. TravisC

    KingQuad EFI Pull Starting

    Arctic cats 700efi will start with a dead battery.
  14. TravisC

    On-board charger questions Part III

    I run a 24v system on my ranger it came with a 3 bank dual pro and when i plug it in the starting batt. is always charged right up. so i dont think you need the 3 bank.
  15. TravisC

    GPS Graph Reccomendations?

    reeds has the 334c listed as $499 which will take lakemaster chips.