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  1. I seldom use crank baits, but have had the lip pull loose several times on Shad Raps, and don't trust them anymore!
  2. I've had one for about 5 years, with the only caution being no heavy lifting for a while, and no electrical devices (cordless drills, saws, cell phones, etc) within 10-12 inches of the device. I never experienced any pain or problem whatsoever after the surgery, even short term, other than no showering until the incision area healed.
  3. I think that Shiners are a member of the Carp family(?), and can carry the VHS virus. Before trapping and transporting Shiners, you must have the ponds tested for VHS, and dealers must have a statement of origin when hauling them. This may be why the Carp parts are taboo?????
  4. PS-The short term licenses allow you to fish and keep trout without purchasing a trout stamp.
  5. If you purchase a 2014 license, it is only good until midnight of February 28th. 2015 licenses activate on March 1st, and are NOT GOOD if you buy them early. To the question of having someone buying a license on February 28th, and fishing another day or two, the short term license will work. They are good for either 24 to 72 consecutive hours from date and time of purchase.
  6. Rematch?? You're going down,(again) Big Daddy!!!!
  7. Putting a few spurs off the main road would not be a problem, but what would prevent someone without any common sense from drilling holes in them?? Plowing a road around someone that drilled in the middle of an existing road, then blocking off the old road would not be angler harassment. I would never confront them, plow next to them, prevent them from fishing, or touch any of their equipment. They would just need a shovel to get back to the old road.
  8. I do not have a permanent fish house so the point is not someone getting close to me, Captain Musky. I have an Aluma Lite skid house and go where no one else is fishing. The only axe I have to grind is with those that feel they have the right to drill a hole in the middle of a plowed road and mess it up for those that use it for it's intended purpose. I plow for others at my expense, don't care about an atta boy, or being remembered at Christmas. In regards to another post about breaking a law by blocking someone in by plowing a road around them if they drilled a hole in the middle of an existing road, I don't worry about it. You drilled the hole, ruined the road, now shovel your way out. You don't care about others, why should anyone care about you?
  9. And the criminality of plowing around a person that doesn't care about others is what, may I ask????
  10. Read the post again, I don't plow MY ROADS, I plow them FOR OTHERS to use so they spread out. Not looking for an atta boy from you or anyone else. Just because you don't appreciate a plowed road doesn't mean others have the same attitude.
  11. 1. Feel free to call a C.O. complaining about something YOU DON'T OWN, and tell him you felt it was your right to drill in the middle of a plowed road that YOU DON'T OWN, and screw it up for others. 2. You better hope the trial (if there ever was one) was six months later, about the same time it'd take to dig yourself out. 3. Those roads that many use on the lake are put there at OUR EXPENSE,and do it so people can get around. It's people like you that will screw up the generosity of others. Let's see how much you snivel coming to a landing that has no plowed roads because of jerks like yourself!! Have a nice day!
  12. Lucky he was a nice guy. If anyone drilled a fishing hole on any road I plowed, it'd be July before he cleared out all the snow that I plowed around him!
  13. Non iodized salt (agricultural salt) works fine. Can go as high as 4 lbs. per 100 gallons, but about 2 lbs. per 100 gallons works well. Just make the ratio comparable to whatever size container you're using. Make sure the water temps are equal when adding new water or transferring them to a new tank. Avoid using chlorinated tap water whenever possible. A charcoal filter will remove chlorine if you absolutely need to use it.
  14. We always use salt when transporting minnows on the bait truck, and when taking them from ponds. Greatly increases the life of your bait.
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