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  1. I can't figure out what this is. Any ideas? Picture was taken in southwest Minnesota.
  2. Yes, I agree. After having slugs whiz by me last year and for the second time total, I am finished with slug hunting for deer after 17 years. It's a shame that I am not going to allow my two boys to hunt deer during slug season when their time comes. Archery only from now on for myself and for my boys when they are of age. The hunting community is worried about the next generation not hunting these days. I have never heard of safety as a factor in that but it definitely is a factor. ALWAYS know what is behind your target. It's not good enough to assume it's a safe shot. YOU MUST KNOW IT'S A SAFE SHOT!!!
  3. I COMPLETELY agree with BruleDrifter, yet I do pass on all young bucks. Do I do it for the health of the herd or for bigger antlered deer for next year? To be honest, I do it for bigger antlered deer. "QBM"if you must. I don't think that's a bad thing and I don't think it's a bad thing for people to shoot young bucks. I believe there are A LOT of hunters out there that want bigger bucks, but do not believe that the basket racked bucks that they shoot could be the big bucks they are looking for if given one or more years to live. I wish the DNR could somehow do a better job at showing them that it's not genetics but a mere 1 to 2 years of age that will turn almost ANY basket rack into a very nice buck. I think educating the hunting public verses forced rules would go a VERY long way.
  4. First of all congratulations on your buck. There is no way to know for sure if he would've turned out to be anything. That small antler could be the result of some sort of injury that he incurred during the velvet stage and might have came back normal next year, might not. He looks like your typical 1 and a half year old buck. I would say most bucks antlers are about that size at that age. Given time, most likely would have turned out to be a very nice buck(if that one antler came back normal next year)
  5. I think if most hunters started believing that almost all basket racks are very young bucks and started passing on them you would see a surprising number of bigger(antlered and bodied) bucks in as short a time as the next year.
  6. I thought by law that it was first blood and you could legally retrieve the animal unarmed on private property. And very few that have hunted for a while can say they have never made a bad shot or missed. It's unfortunate, but it does happen even to the hunter who only takes good shots.
  7. I also agree that if the hunter is happy with what he has harvested, that is all that matters. It does drive me absolutely crazy when people think they are helping the genetics of the deer when they shoot basket racks. I would guess that 98% of "basket racks" are 1 and a half and MAYBE two and a half years of age. I also have a buddy that shot a very obvious 1 and a half year old buck that did have a little grey on his head and stated it was a "very old buck with bad genetics." Genetics are soooo overrated around here it is ridiculous. If you let ANY buck get to even 3 and a half years old around here you have a very nice buck that has a big set of antlers. There are so few that get to that age. Now if you are happy with a basket racked buck that is just fine with me, but I hate it when that same guy complains that "there aren't any big bucks around here because of bad genetics."
  8. Quote: I saw a hunting show a few years back where Bo was taken on a grouse hunt. It was obvious he'd never done it before...he was with his guide on a trail when they walked up on a grouse sitting about 5ft away. Bo didn't shoot and the guide remarked "Bo's a real sportsman, he wouldn't shoot a bird on the ground" Next the bird flew up to the nearest tree branch, now about 10ft away. Bo stepped a little closer took aim at the motionless bird and blew it apart. Real sporting. Watching it was hillarious because of what his guide said. Now that's funny!!!
  9. Remember when McKinnie knocked out the former heavyweight boxing champ of the world Shannon Briggs? Guess the boxer roughed up one of McKinnie's teammates at a Miami(hurricanes) nightclub. Then it was lights out for the champ.
  10. I was thinking of dead-baiting some pike from shore on the 81 ponds, but I've never fished there before and I'm not sure how to get there. Obviously it's located by highway 81, but is there a sign? I don't want to end up fishing some no name pond thinking I'm in the right spot. I looked on Yahoo maps, but I couldn't find it. Or if anyone knows of some other shore fishing opportunities that would be great too. Thanks in advance.
  11. I am getting the winter blues pretty bad and I need to get out open water fishing, so I was wondering if anyone is fishing open water for Pike yet. Is it still too early??
  12. I have fished Flandreau twice in the spring so far and haven't caught a thing, while other people around me have. My trouble is being able to get the bait down with the strong currant. What are some of my options for fishing there??
  13. Is the bite still decent after dusk on Madison?? I have had the worst luck(skill?) this year ice fishing and I just want to catch a few before the ice melts. Also, is the ice still drivable?? Thanks in advance for any info. If I do go up there I will report on how I did when I get back. Would I have better odds if I hit Lake Herman instead??
  14. I heard the Brandt tourney was VERY slow as far as catching fish. The only half-ways decent report I heard around Sioux Falls was Lake Herman for smaller walleye. Haven't gone there to verify the report though.
  15. I was wondering if anyone could point me in a good direction on where abouts are some decent spots on Thompson for fishing. In the past I have just gone to the outside edges of the crowds(without too much luck). I'd rather fish away from them. Any pointers?? Thanks in advance for ANY info.
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