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  1. The family and friends of Padith Homsombath are raising money to help offset the costs of his battle with cancer. Please help us out and purchase a $10.00 ticket to his fundraiser. (see below) If you can’t make it to the event, please follow this link to make a secure donation. Any amount helps. http://www.payitsquare.com/collect-page/14187 We are looking for donations for our silent auction as well. Gift cards, Gift baskets, sports tickets and memorabilia, etc. Please contact us if you have items to donate or if you know any business owners who can help us out. We are also looking for people to help out by selling tickets to the benefit, please contact Carrie Betland or Sean Lewis at 763-231-8400 and we will send ticket booklets out to you. [email protected] [email protected] Padith Homsombath Cancer Benefit When: Saturday, September 7th 3:00 – 7:00 PM Where: Povlitzki’s 8407 NE Plaza Blvd. Spring Lake Park 763.784.7110 Cost: $10.00 donation Spaghetti Dinner - Silent Auction – Drink Specials – The RICHIEGUNNZ Band Padith is a 41 year old husband and father of 2; Anthony 14, Tiffany 10 and his beautiful wife Kim. He was recently diagnosed with stage 4 gastric Cancer and his family and friends are raising money to help support his household and pay his medical bills. Please open your heart to this great cause. A note from Padith... My name is Padith Homsombath. I am married with two wonderful kids, my son Anthony and daughter Tiffany. Cancer is a term that never crosses my mind. I never imagined that it would play a vital role in my life or at least not this early. I was diagnosed with stage IV gastric cancer several months ago. Not only I was in shock, but I also went into denial. Laying in the hospital bed I questioned the reality, “why and how” about a hundred times. The thoughts that crossed my mind were, “Wait, I’m too young, and my kids are too young.” My family has no history of cancer and the cancer specialist informed me that this type of cancer normally would happen to people in their 60’s. I guess when it comes to cancer it doesn’t discriminate or believe in equal opportunity. Breaking the news to my family was difficult. When my children finally knew the truth of my diagnosis, they cried endlessly. Life has definitely changed and has become more difficult as I am not able to shoulder some of the life burdens for my family. I watch my wife patiently working day and night tending for me and my father in law. She now has to work from home so she can tend for me. My father in law is just as weak as me going through dialysis three times a week, and I felt so hopeless that I couldn’t lend her a hand. I am now her burden as well. Financially we have needed to tighten our belts even further as we are now reduced to a single income family. I am extremely blessed through this hardship because of the generosity and great compassion of my true friends, boss, and co-workers at Challenge Machine and Manufacturing Inc. Words cannot explain how thankful I am to everyone! You all have lit up that flame of hope for me. This horrific disease has taught me many valuable lessons. I have embraced the appreciation of the little things I often overlooked before.
  2. Man that sucks you guys having problems with the clam hub. I still use a old ice cube hub its about 5 or 6 years old i have beat it to death and everything still works no rips I did have a couple fiberglass rods break I just bought some fiberglass driveway marks from menards and cut them to size works great.
  3. I have a rav4 but I use a trailer with my snowmobile and my otter on the trailer.
  4. I make my own and they work great.Seems to work a little beter if you dont go overboard on toppings. Before you freeze the pizza, wrap it well in aluminum foil. When ready to cook, defrost at fish house temperature and then place the foil package on a hot grill. Cover and bake about 30 minutes. Open foil and peek after about 20 minutes.
  5. I usually drill 6 holes drink 1 beer at each hole while fishing, if nothing I get lazy and just stay at the last hole i was on.
  6. I have tried plastic with zero luck.I must be missing something what kinds work the best? Pictures would help greatly. I am not real familiar with names other then mister twister.
  7. yes blackberry brandy is our tradition also, but we also bring a bottle of ice hole schnapps we started that tradition 3 years ago.
  8. Anyone out there have any good ideas for Thanksgiving Cranberries?
  9. I sleep in my 5600 all the time. I have a cot that folds up into a bag and I use the big buddy heater. The worst time I had with it was on Gull Lake a few years ago wind was 30 miles per hour. It kept lifting the corner of the house up. So I had to sit in that corner,good thing I weigh 250lbs lol. It was a terrible night,but I survived it.
  10. Hello I just bought a van and was wondering if you think a class 1 hitch would be able to haul 2 snowmobiles on a trailer? Or should I install a class 3 thanks.
  11. hello all I am tring to fing parts for a 1991 ski-doo formula mx where can you find parts? I looked all over the web with zero success.
  12. What I do is take fillets dip in flour then in milk with 1 egg then in panko flakes with tons of canjun seasoning While i do that i have a cookie pan on the grill getting hot. Then I put some olive oil on cookie sheet and put fillets on the oil. about 5 min or so a side. I like putting the fillet on french bread with lots of tarter sauce.
  13. I cant stand bass either boring. I think the reason people love them is because any amatuer can catch them lol.
  14. only probably I have had is the ice sticks to the blade then you cant cut a hole. But the cure is cooking spray now it works slick.
  15. I bought some apple wood on hsolist that worked great.
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