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  1. TB Basser

    Wind Wind Wind

    It's been blowing every weekend. I'd rather have Rain than the wind.
  2. Guys, I have never been on Mille Lacs and was thinking of going out there with my brother inlaw from Arizona the week of the 8th. Looking for help on what bays to go to and what to look for. I have an idea but any help would be appreciated. Thanks Oh, and very cool vid.
  3. why the heck don't they advertise this kind of thing? Geez
  4. TB Basser

    Phoenix Bass

    Spent a couple days fishing Roosevelt but if I was going without any local knowledge or friends I would hire a guide.
  5. Dawn to dusk all three days unless there lightening or a Tornado. I have the bug badddddddddddddddddd lol
  6. Might want to check with Warner Dock in New Richmond. They do go work too.
  7. TB Basser

    New Frog Lure

    We don't have them in the cities. There are limited offering at select stores with some other lures. They had a promotional tidbit on the FLW HSOforum.
  8. The Tournament wss the Chris Schneider Memorial Tournament. It raises scholarship money for the Maple Lake High School. Chris was a alum who pasted a few years back in an auto accident and his folks put it on every year. Took roughly 20 for 1st. 17 for 2nd and 15 for third. 6 fish Limit. Great tournaments and great folks.
  9. Superduty, So how you liking the new Boat?
  10. Didn't know if you could type one handed or not. No your probably bored silly. Matt Schnieder won again on saturday. Two years in a row.
  11. Hey Superduty. Was just thinking about you. How did the second surgery go? Thanks guys. I'll try your suggestions, just not on tournament day. lol Live an learn.
  12. Anyone have any good experience with this connection? I've tried it many times and saw a video by Ben Parker so I thought I'd give it another chance. Double uni-knot. 6 wraps on Fluoro side, 9 on the braid. 20 lb fluoro and 30 lb braid. On a flippin stick. Trying to hide the fluoro best I could. Colored the Braid too. Now, I fished a tournament on Saturday and had around 12-13 lbs off the weed line and the sun was coming out so decided to try a run of docks that have held some nice fish in the past. flip into the front of a pontoon and get smacked. Set the hook, fish come to the surface ( no jump ) and the darn line snaps are the knot? I always have this problem. Thought it was me setting the hook to hard but I have backed off the drag to help with that. Any suggestions? I still wouldn't have won the tournament but would have move me up to 2nd or 3rd and a better check than 4th. Any idea's? I think the braid is costing me bite's based on what my partner is doing from the back of the boat with beavers on a spinning set up.
  13. Where's the picture? Need to see this thing of beauty.lol
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