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  1. Don't you just love it when someone posts something on here and then doesn't reply!
  2. Does this house have any seats in it? Would you consider meeting me in Alexandria?
  3. Are there any holes or tears in it? I think you are about 100 or so miles north of me. I'm in Willmar.
  4. I would trade you a Blued Beretta 40cal with leather holster and 2 leather clip holders and 3 clips.
  5. carpdude

    Highway Robbery

    I just think it is funny that you can buy a $50,000.00 Cadilac and buy 2 filters when they are on sale for $5.00 bucks. They just have the fisherman over the barrel because they have the manufacturing rights for the filters. I talked to the shop where I bought mine and he said a guy used a Fram on his and burnt it up. I know what you mean about spending in the bar, a guy doesn't even think about that at the time. You just get home and say, O, I must have had fun.
  6. carpdude

    Highway Robbery

    Went to change oil on the outboard today. 6 quarts oil at $5.00 a quart and $22.50 for the filter. This is for a Yamaha 150hp.
  7. carpdude

    Best prices on Polaris ATVs

    I see all these people say they got a good deal, but I don't see any prices!