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  1. I was wondering if there is any water in the weaver bottoms? I have heard that there is no water, but wanting to get a second opinion, thanks in advance. topdog
  2. If you hear of anyone in the area that needs help culling the heard, let me know...I will gladly take a few days off for the good of MN deer heard...and my freezer. You have to go sometime, and the last time I checked you really don't have much say when that time is...topdog
  3. couple things. About placement, i put the line, currently 4 decoys in the middle, then it moves a greater number of decoys when I pull. On mine, I attached the end to a marking buoy. Then when I have to quickly go out and retrieve ducks, I just toss it overboard, still there when I get back Also, I just rigged mine up with a weight, bungee cord, and then cord and use a quick release on each decoy as I struggled with tangles when I first constructed it. Hope this helps.
  4. I hunt the north lake area south of the twin cities, actually south of hasting on the mississippi backwater and am wondering if there is any info about how many ducks you are "safe" to eat from that area? I have heard that you should not eat fish, or at least not too many of them from this area...just wondering if that applies for ducks who "live" there all summer. I figure later ducks would be fine since most come from up north/canada. I looked at the DNR web site but I could not find and info on this. thanks
  5. I can not seem to find this info on the HSOforum; fws.gov, so I will ask here. Can I have decoys out 2 hours before sunrise? The refuge rules do state that is an hour before but they also state that the rules generally match what the states rules are...so did they jut not update the rule yet? Can I use motorized decoys, robo, lucky ducks? If you can provide a link to the actual regulations that would be wonderful, otherwise amuse us all with your opinions!
  6. I would agree with your take on the hunters on the weekend, lots of boats/hunters. I have went on the weekends however. I have had people too close to me for sure. I usually go a lot farther from the access on the weekends to get to some less traveled spots on the weekend. Works sometimes. I tend not to get to worked up about other hunters poor decisions as I think most of them are younger hunters with not much wisdom to draw from. I saw a group setup in the closed area once, just clueless until the sun came up--I would have loved to hear that conversation..."what does that sign mean...it says no hunting waterfowl????"
  7. I hunt the mississippi south of the cities around hastings and winona. If you get in the main channel, a bigger boat is sort of nice however there are fewer landings that can handle a 16' fishing boat. I almost hit a parked barge one morning, basically there are a tad more hazards on the river. Use the same skills you would on a lake in picking your spots and setup. River has a significant current so push polls are nice to have but a solid little motor is a must...mine is a 35hp to get me to and from a bit quicker. Backwater is usually good however there are not many ducks around hastings...imho. Seemed to be more in south central on opening weekend. I have not hunted the river up by St. Cloud
  8. Has anyone been hunting SE MN around the weaver bottoms. I have not hunted there yet this year but plan to this weekend. Just wondering about water depth and what access folks are using. My boat needs a bit more water then most but I'm not afraid to run it in a little mud. How are the ducks in SE on the river? thanks
  9. I am going to be in little falls for the weekend after christmas and was wondering where I might mix in a bit of ice fishing. What I a looking for is safe ice and any hotter then no fish bitting. I have never fished this area so any info including bait stores and lakes would be great. Thanks in advance.
  10. I see, you are correct, I followed a different path. The rules are sometimes very complex, maybe more then they need to be but I think you worded it just right. the dog
  11. There was a little stack of about 10 boxes at the gander in woodbruy on monday night, there were only 7 left after I took 3, I figured I would run about 5 through to see if they shoot well through the deer gun.
  12. This is not 100% correct. There still is intensive deer permit areas as well as managed deer permit areas, and then the less used lottery deer permit areas. In the managed and intensive areas hunters buy bonus permits to take additional deer. So intensive areas still exsist and are labled as such, the license you need to take additional deer is a bonus permit. Clear as mud. the dog
  13. top dog

    Slug barrel

    That fancy new Cabelas up your way would be my choice.
  14. This is not that big of a deal, and IMHO the old sticker and string was not a good way to tag at all. Get a little bag of tie straps when you get your license. The tie straps will outlast the method as I am sure the DNR is already dreaming up a new tagging system. the dog
  15. top dog

    metro deer zone

    Just wondering if there are any folks planning on hunting the metro deer zone; 228 and 337, while they are around during the week or whenever. What area are people looking at hunting, there are a lot of houses now and not much to hunt in these two areas? Is there county or state WMA that we can hunt in these areas? Just wondering what people think about the new area. the dog
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