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  1. huntingislife

    Ecoboost re gear.

    What speeds are you pulling your house that you see 11 mpg?
  2. huntingislife

    Ecoboost re gear.

    Anybody have any mileage updates? I am trying to talk myself into a new supercrew 3.5EB, HD tow package, 3.73, etc. I am coming from a Duramax of 6 years and think this might be the only half ton that will not make me regret my decision. The reports of single digit numbers pulling the fish house concern me.
  3. huntingislife

    Wyoming Elk Hunt

    Did you run the 4800 or 7000 Highcamp? I am trying to determine adequate pack size for 7-8 days.
  4. huntingislife

    Wyoming Elk Hunt

    Scoot, What pack are you using? Maybe I missed that.
  5. Nowiser, Curious on your decision to get the BT2 rather than the BT1. Do you think it would have had enough room if you did not purchase extra pockets? Thinking back, would you still have purchased the BT2? Thanks for the insight. These packs are too expensive to buy the wrong size!
  6. huntingislife

    Gulf Stream Ice Haven 20FH

    Anybody own one of these? Stopped by and looked at them today. Not a bad house for the discounted pricing right now.
  7. huntingislife

    Shocks for a 1-ton diesel?

    I have had good luck with monroe reflex. Same deal - buy them off the auction site.
  8. huntingislife


    wet belt???
  9. huntingislife

    Toyota RAV4

    My wife picked up an '11 a few months ago. She loves the thing. Excellent fuel economy and a surprising amount of room. I suggest you spring for the upgrade package that comes with 17" aluminum rims. Most of them on the lots will have this anyway.
  10. huntingislife

    venom winch? Any good?

    Read here: winches
  11. huntingislife

    New truck/car lately?

    Nice buy! I picked up an 2011 Rav4 for my wife a few weeks ago. Plenty of good deals and incentives right now.
  12. huntingislife

    Venom vs. Warn winch system

    Yep, Viper is Motoalliance in Rogers. They even knock some off the price if you swing in and pick it up.
  13. huntingislife

    Venom vs. Warn winch system

    I would go with a Viper. Probably about the same price as a Venom. Good quality and service. They come from the metro also.
  14. huntingislife

    October 5 New Product Launch

    Modified machines are a different story. It is suprising though how the 650/750 brute are much closer in power than you would think. Same story with the 650/800 Outty. I have had 2 750 brutes in the past. Amazing torque out of the hole but the ride was terrible. And no, stock for stock a 750 brute will not touch the 800 Outty. I proved it myself with my own machines several times. Actually both before and after the brute had a dynatek cdi and dalton clutch kit installed.