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  1. Biggest is a 29" out of L.O.W. in Kenora: Yet to reach the 30" mark. Best day, was Rainy River in 2003, 3 walleyes over 27" and a 55" Sturgeon all within 30 minutes fishing "the church"....I have pics of at least 10 different eyes, that were taken on L.O.W. some in Mn some from Canada, that were over 27: The biggest being the 29" None of these fish have hit the true 10# mark: I am waiting for an Honest 10# 30" fish before I put one on the wall! Biggest through the ice is 26.5" HOWEVER last year, the fiance and I each got a couple of 26" From the road while just stopping to check a few places! The elusive 30" is my goal!
  2. God's speed indeed: Sad indeed.....Prayers sent to all of your requests.... Tony
  3. I have heard nothing but good things about Dosch's guide service: Never gone out but have seen them on the lake: I know the "perch patrol" guys work hard at finding fish: They are based out of Woodland resort, so I wouldn't hesitate to hire them for a day to get an idea of where to fish: I know that the pike action can get crazy up there....perch were tough last year for us, but Zippy put us on Pike, until you were tired of running for flags!
  4. Yup, Mitchell runs his sleeper houses out of Woodland Resort: That link is the one that runs from Woodland: Don't hesitate to take a day out with the "perch patrol" if you are looking at heading to Devils Lake, Zippy and the boys know how to find fish!!!
  5. Gissert- So you are the man: I live just west of Underwood, after living in Grygla the past 6 years. I saw that an Underwood hunter had drew the tag and I visited with a lot of people trying to figure out who you were: Glad to hear you had a great experience. I would love to share that story with others in MN as well! Awesome writing.....If you wouldn't mind sharing it in a public forum again...email me [email protected] I would love to hear who the "college aged son" was...most likely an old student of mine :-) I know the area well...ol' motel 89! I am sure Roy treated you well! There are some monster elk up that way for sure! Great story and i would love to visit with you!
  6. Awesome story, and C/P marine just earned a lot of respect in my mind! Guess where I am heading tomororw! This is what outdoorpeople need to hear! Thanks for the story, and prayers are sent to your little fishingbuddy, and you family! Wow, I am so impressed!
  7. A great fish, I would guess: From 37.5-40"....a dandy indeed: and out of a canoe!!!! Awesome fish! First 40"!!! I caught my first this year...and i am hooked, I wouldn't wish that on anyone...so far I have over 800 bucks into that bug, created by ONE fish, 2 months ago!!!
  8. My first Sturgeon on the Rainy: 6lb trilene, and a jig. I set into the fish and it came up....in my mind I am thinking "eye"....after 5 minutes I am thinking "MONSTER eye" I had never caught or hooked a sturgeon"...at one point I am shaking so bad I told the g/f to turn the camera off: When the camera came back on it was 31 minutes later and the 44" sturgeon was in the net! Since then I have chose to either horse em in or cut the line when one is hooked as I don't have the adreneline reserves to go through that again Biggest was a 58" brought in on 6lb and a jig...in just under 20 minutes! Man, I would love to specifically target them!!!!
  9. TeamNSO


    I have caught them up to 12 pounds on the red lake river outside Thief River Falls: I cut one set of "pearls" and they were neat...but not that impressive....just smooth bone like chunks...neat, yup...valuable...no
  10. I am trying to post the pics of a few fish: First My bro's 40" off LOW This is my first W.Battle Muskie: 42" 2 weeks ago: Here is a pic of a buddies muskie in the net: Same night as I got mine: A believer was it's downfall: Snapped the hooks and she was released to fight again! Here is my muskie: Released: And finally, my biggest pike to date: This guy was caught while casting for eyes! 6 pound test, and a salmo lure, was all it took! This is my biggest pike to date, and it too was released!
  11. We are fishing Miltona on Thursday: Big Baits is what I have been told: Big Water, Big Fish....Big Baits: Hopefully this will do the trick! I have seen some dandies there, but we are trying new tactics, and hopefully can find some fish: I'll post back after Thursday's night outing:
  12. Great read Jeff: I just was waiting for one final line: "It is all so perfect, you turn to your buddy and say; Did you put the plug in?" At least that's me Good luck everyone and make sure your plug is in!
  13. TeamNSO

    Is that legal

    It is illeagal to INTENTIONALLY target any fish during a closed season, and in my mind rightfully so: Other states have no closed season and SOME, not ALL go out and come in nightly with buckets of spawning pike and eyes. That is legal for them: In the state I am referring to, there is also no "Freezer" limit so as long as you obey a daily limit you can do it each night! I am very thankful that MN has laws to prevent this. HOWEVER, someone throwing spinnerbaits this time of year, is probably targeting bass; HOWEVER there is not an attorney or law out there that can prove "intent" and that my friends is what it comes down to: I have fished with guys during the summer for bass, that threw such goofy concoctions, they should have never seen a fish (from what I have been taught) yet they do well: Some just don't know what to use for crappies: I am not defending that practice by any means; but a simple "try this", or "the crappies have been hitting this"...can help people learn: There is no way to prove intent, therefore people who choose to throw spinnerbaits and say they are tryign for crappie, really only know in their minds if they are ethical: Just my $.02
  14. Ifin you wouldn't mind: Could you pass it on to northstaroutdoors(at)gmail(dot)com also: I would love to see Ice Leaders do a video on how to do this properly...I just cant' seem to get it. Any help is appreciated.
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