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  1. getrdone

    Bear Notification

    I think it will be the fist week in june when they will send letters out. Getrdone...
  2. getrdone

    Bear hunting

    Setterguy, That baiting is going to cost me big bucks, but I can always turn my trip into a fishing/baiting trip . what part of the state did you hunt for your no-quota bear, I'm not asking for the spot, just the area, I was thinking of doing that to if I don't get a tag.. Thanks for the info.. Getrdone...
  3. getrdone

    Bear hunting

    Thats cool, that gives me some hope, Thanks.. Getrdone....
  4. getrdone

    Bear hunting

    Has anyone ever got a license for a quota area the first time, or have you waited afew years?????
  5. getrdone

    Sawbill trail trout help..

    I'll be up there this summer camping, Where would be a good place to start fishing for trout, and what should a guy use, I'v never used a fly rod before, nor has the old lady. Any help would be great, any type of trout would be ok. Thanks.. Getrdone..
  6. getrdone

    Looking for a place

    Try the cass lake area, search cass lake minnesota, fun place to try, we make it up there every year now Getrdone....
  7. getrdone


    That's crazy, Looks just like my cat at home, but mine is alittle bigger. Getrdone... :
  8. getrdone

    Bear Hunting

    This year will be my first bear hunt, I want to try hunting up by Tofte (sawbill trail)area, has anyone had good luck up there, this summer I'll do my scouting and find afew good baiting spots, so far I have afew hundred pounds of dryed honey, and molasses, any tips would be great..
  9. getrdone

    Problem heater

    What does the flame look like when you start it?? The thermo coupler might keep the flame going, Is there a power vent on this unit?? Is there any adjustment for the burner?? Check the regulator, maybe sticking??
  10. getrdone

    Sports show

    You are right on the back packs, I did get one, There were so many people there, almost to much for me, I did get to see gary roch, that was cool, All I can say, it was big, lot's of stuff. Getrdone...
  11. getrdone

    Kitchie landing.

    Hay, if you are still there when I get up there, swing into the campground and have a beer with us, and shoot the S%@#. If it don't happen, Have a fun time. Getrdone...
  12. getrdone

    Sports show

    From what I hear, they should have everything to see, if not, cabelas is just south of there.. Getrdone...
  13. getrdone

    Kitchie landing.

    I'v never stayed on kitchie lake before, this will be my first, I'v always have rented a cabin, but this year I'm trying the camping thing, it's cheaper, I'll be up there june 17, 18, 19. Getrdone...
  14. getrdone

    Kitchie landing.

    Thank you all for the info, I hope everyone has a fun spring, and summer. Getrdone...