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  1. Just thought some of you may be looking for a spear to use or maybe a couple for the wall. check this out some pretty good deals so far. [Note from admin: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  2. Great to meet all you guys. I must have missed Deitz sprinkler. I think i figured out the tractor. The divers had a block of ice that looked like 4'x4'i think the tractor was used to lift it out. Cause the guys where trying to slide it back in and to say the least it wasnt working to good so i dont think they lifted it out by hand. Just wondering did anyone see any trout? other then elwoods bonus trout!
  3. good i just checked mine 2 dead already. How do you keep them alive. I usally only buy 1 0r 2 and leave them at the lake in a net. i have no luck in a bucket.
  4. Had to stop at a few bait shops but managed to get 5 decoys. One of them im going to spear before lunch to win Laska hornet rod I also picked up a couple dozen donuts. So if anyone wants a donut stop by they will be on my tailagte or on the front seat help yourself. I will also bring a extra portable if anyone needs it.
  5. how big do you want? Im going to go to kirbys bait sat. Need some for the tip ups for the whaletail fishing contest sat.
  6. did a search for it. Found a couple of things about it one was in a obituarie about Francis Mahowald says He was the founder of the “Spear Fest” on Spring Lake which will celebrate the 10th anniversary this February. But could not find any dates.
  7. Guys heres my cell i should be out there by 7-7:30 call if you need some help finding it. Im also on the south side. Alan 952-292-4859
  8. Laska, Here is a few pointers and by no means am i a expert on this lake. The weed edge ends real fast like in less the 3'. You will have weeds right up to the bottom of the ice and 2' later you will be in 15' of water. The best way i have found to find the edge is to fire the auger up and start drilling holes about 5' apart and check the depth with the vexlair once you find the drop off drill holes in between about a foot apart to find the weed edge. On the east and west side of the lake it drops off real fast. So start you drilling about 15'-20' from shore, You may already be out side the weed edge on some parts of the lake. Some of the places you will feel like your sitting on shore when your set up but you will be in 12. On north and south side the weed edge is out fruther so you came start checking fruther out. The fish i have been seeing this week are coming from the reel thick weeds. If anyone needs a power auger or a vexlair to use stop by( green house white roof south side) you are more then welcome to use them. Hope this helps you out a little.
  9. hey bns tryed to email you this morning not sure if it work you can reach me at ([email protected])
  10. Less than 6" of snow on most of the lake. There is some drifts but you should have no problem with a truck. The snow may get a little soft with the warmer temps this weekend. But i think if you watched where you went you could drive a car on most of the lake. Sat for 2 hours today and saw 2 northerns the only problem was the second one was after i put the spear in the truck to leave. Can back in to check i had everything and there sat a 10lb.+ northern. came back with the spear and never seen it again.
  11. Was out there last friday and had no problem driving around in 4X4. Most place 4 wheel not even needed. I will be heading out there in about a 1/2 hour. I will let you know tonight if the warm weekend weather change anything.
  12. Finally made it back out today to check on my house. I checked the ice in about 20-30 spots should be good to drive out was at least 18" most places. Moved the house to the south side sat from 10-1 and seen 2 northerns and also some sunnies. Talked to some guys out there they were get some crappies in about 40' not many though. I hope to keep my hole open from now until the end of the season. It was not fun cuttting a 36"x36" in 20"+ of ice even with one of fish's saws that sucked!! Hope to meet all of you guys next week. I will be in the green house on the south side. Does anyone have a list of whats needed for the GTG. Like food and extra gear for new comers to spearing.
  13. My dad also came up and set up tip ups and only caught 3. He set up another fish house we had with and set a tip up inside to stay warm. He watched down the hole and seen many northerns come up to the sucker but would not bit. I found this strange because just about every fish we saw bit the decoy now it needs a new paint job.
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