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  1. Never used a LW, but I have a summit and wouldn't trade if for anything. easy climb, packs in well and very comfy.
  2. if everything went all of a sudden I would start with the ground! If that goes nothing works. Check your wires before you spend the dough to replace it all. I think you can get a set of lights and wire for like $60 for the whole kit at Fleet if that is what you need to do.
  3. I am far from the expert here, but BLB got me started on food plots and there are others with great knowledge. I have been planting plots now for 3 years. Corn, soybeans, and some of the different blends that MDHA puts out. BLB sells these every year in the spring. I am not a big fan of the perenials. I like to plant a fresh plot every year. The corn and soy beans didn't turn out real well this last fall due to the drought conditions but they did produce some and the deer are using them still. I did buy the MDHA cold weather blend last year and so did a buddy of mine. They have been tearing this stuff up since mid October and are still in there all the time. Same with my buddies plots. I have never sat over this plot this year without seeing deer in it from bow hunting all the way through the gun season. I am going with all the same stuff again this year. They really don't hit the beans too much after mid October for some reason. The corn they are still hitting and I assume will continue until it's all gone. I am doubleing the size of my cold weather plot for next year. I can't say enough about that stuff. I would say cut the plot in half and plant 2 differnt food sources. Beans that they will hit early september through mid October and the cold weather blend they will move to as the plants get going good and you get a frost. Good luck, but be warned. Food plotting is very addicting
  4. I shoot 100 grains also. I have tried 150 grains, but saw little affect even out to 120 yards at the range with the exception of accuracy. I don't know if it's me or the gun but the groups were not even close to as tight as with 100 grains and the drop at 120 yards was nothing from 100 to 150 grains. I truely don't see an advantage to 150 grains. As far as the powerbelts, my gun shoots all over the place with them, I shoot shockwaves now, but maybe that's just my gun. On another note, I started shooting pyrodex pellets then switched to 777 pellets. The pyrodex seem to smoke a lot more, was quite a bit dirtier, and smelled much worse when cleaning. The biggest factor for my switch was how dirty the pyrodex was. Anyone else have this issue?
  5. Never shot a deer with them, but shot them at the range with my TC and they were all over the place...really bad. I will never buy them again. I only shoot shockwaves out of my gun now.
  6. Really, I have been up every single weekend and most Fridays, my Dad is there and hunting every day and we haven't seen any kind of push at all. A slight influx in ringbills, but no real migration as of yet. Believe me, I am not waiting, I am hunting every minute I can.
  7. I saw a bobcat for the first time last year while muzzy hunting. He was on a ridge making a screaming sound. I thought maybe it was a bocat and it started getting closer. I was hoping it wasn't a cougar. Sure enough 15 minutes later he walks by my stand at 20 yards without a clue I was there.
  8. Quote: So Nova i hope this answers your question. Wow, it does and more. I do agree with what you are saying, they are a little heavier and unless you pack them just right can be noisy to carry. I only have to carry mine back in a half mile, but have found a way to pack it so it doesn't clank and have found my straps pretty comfy if you use the seat to pad your back. Thanks for the info.
  9. That is a dandy buck, and he showed up right at the perfect time of the season. Good luck with him.
  10. Quote: I'm ready to pull the trigger and buy a climber, and pretty much locked in to Summit. Trying to decide which is best for seat comfort and versatility for bow and gun hunting. Who all uses Summit climbers, and which is your favorite and why? Thanks in advance to all responders. I have the viper classic which is steel vs. aluminum. It's heavier but quite a bit cheaper. The only thing I don't like about it is that I can't use it at work That stand is awesome.
  11. Quote: i would not buy a summit again, if i ever bought one again it would be a lone wolf. WHY?
  12. I have always wonderred what I would do if I get all set to hit the stand in the morning, creep in nice and quiet and then just as I am about to start the climb I see a critter in or above my stand Could be a coon or porcupine or anything. What do you do? Can't make noise to scare them or that stand is worthless that morning. If you climb up and try and chase them out you never know what might happen, can't shoot them out. Any suggestions? __________________
  13. I stand most of the time and I do move around, probably too much. I can never sit down cause as soon as I do I swear I hear a deer behind me. Happens every time and 98% of the time there is nothing there. With a gun I spend more time on stand so I sit a little there. I don't make drastic moves, just constantly turning my head and body to keep an eye on everywhere.
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