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  1. Was at Cabelas on monday they had all there houses on display.
  2. Yeley comes from usac were he ran alot of short tracks in all three cars but the stock car is totally different. I think he is only going to get better. Look at stewart he didnt do much in busch at all then gibbs brought him to cup and everyone knows the rest of the story.
  3. CT- Were do I find these plastics everyone is talking about? I'm just starting to figure out the plastic revolution. It works through the ice so why not open water, I dont have much experience open water fishing but I have learned a ton in the last year from everyone here on FM.So I hope to do more softwater this year. Thank You all Travis
  4. I,m a 292er from the other side of the river so I guess I will not be going sounds like a good time though.
  5. Where can you find the adapter for the cig. plug in. With the alligator clips. thanks
  6. Fievel- Can you give me some info on this tourney? Location,time,etc. I'm a sparky and I have never heard of this tourney. Also who puts it on. Sounds like a good time on the big pond. Thanks Travis
  7. fast40m- I havent been to cedar for a while what does dtra stand for they arent wissota anymore. I know there late models arent. Chris Wark in the super #24 he runs cedar a few times a year and Nate House 7n in the streeter.
  8. Was leaning towards a Rem 870 till I saw cabelas has the 3.5" X2 for 599.99 after rebate synthetic with 3 chokes. Need some feedback on this gun. pos. & negs. Any info would be great. This is a big purchase and I want to make the right choice. Thanks
  9. It is also my first time. What are the chances of getting a tag my first time?
  10. well I'm glad I asked the question. Dirt racin is were its at. Rippin I've seen your brother in law a few times at Princeton. I use to go and watch Tony Grams when he was racing 360s. Also have a cousin that races a super stock and another that races a streeter. Try to go with them as much as possible. What is the deal with the Woo and Nsl?
  11. I was leaning toward purchasing a rem 870. But I see in Cabelas add this week super x2 semi-autos on sale for 599.00 (3.5") 529.00 (3"). Synthetic with 3 choke tubes. Any feedback on this gun would be great. These prices are after the $100 rebate.
  12. I have been to three Nascar races and I would much rather pay 20 bucks to see sprint cars and the racing is better most of the time. Rippin what is your brother-in-laws name?
  13. I know this is a nascar board but are there any dirt track fans on here? Hope I dont offend anyone? Sorry
  14. My buddys Dad found a chopped corn field in our area with 100's of gesse and mallards using it. Went out with them on turkey day. I have never seen so many birds working one field it was amazing. Even though the shooting was hard with that nasty wind. But someone else disovered it also with much more equiptment than us. What do you do? Buy more decs and mojos!!!!
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