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  1. Any recommendations? Good experiences and bad would be appreciated. This is my first dog so I have no personal exprience. Thanks!
  2. The cabin is closer to Danbury, so it would probably be cheaper to find someone nearer than Minong...if anyone has any suggestions, please post here - the driveway was pretty full of snow, but we made it in. Fishing was decent on Big Bass - we sorted through the smaller ones to catch a dozen or so keepers. The weather was great with little wind, so we were able to move around comfortably to look for fish - I think that was key. Are there many walleyes in there or any of the other lakes around it? I see that they are listed on the DNR maps, but those are pretty old. Any action on the other lakes nearby?
  3. will do...how much does the plow guy charge? Our drive is a few hundred yards from the road to the cabin - might be worth it!
  4. thanks. We were also thinking about Big Bass Lake over there near Nancy and Gilmore...never fished it, but it's always fun to try new places...vehicle travel on the ice OK? I can't wait to see what the cabin driveway looks like, too! Might be pulling the sleds in for a few hundred yards!
  5. Heading out this weekend finally! How has the ice fishing been in the area? I'd be forever grateful for any info as this will probably be my only chance to get out this winter. Yellow is an obvious option, but I'd like to explore some of the other gems in the area!
  6. If the Twins are a good team, they WILL sell tickets, regardless of how many weather postponements there have been. If they put a crappy product on the field, they won't sell tickets, even on the nice days in the summer (I too, have been to games in KC and this is exactly what I have witnessed). I shouldn't be surprised - but I am - by the number of people who complain about the lack of a roof. IT IS NOT GOING TO BE THAT BAD. Those coming from outstate will have to deal with the gamble of a rainout when buying weeks ahead, but what do you think happens in Chicago, KC, Cleveland, Boston, New York, San Fran, LA, Cincy, Pittsburgh, Philly, etc, etc??? Holy cow! BUy some decent raingear and have yourself a good time. If you just can't handle that, I'm SURE our beloved Swarm will be right in the thick of an NLL West Division playoff push!! Good stuff...Knock yourself out and be guaranteed to stay dry and warm.
  7. wow...I never knew we had so many people on this forum who can't handle a little drizzle or some 40 degree temps. Like DonBo said, I think most of us have the right clothing for those games. Maybe the players will be uncomfortable, but I won't! (and they'll probably get over it right quick when they remember how much they're being paid!) And...those retractable roof stadiums are lame...sitting in a box with no top (Seattle's is actually decent, but the rest are no good).
  8. I've been told that it's made by Seaguar. I've bought several spools of it, 8 lb to 20 lb, and I think it's a pretty good value. The expensive Trilene stuff is pretty nice - esp in the smaller diameters - but I think the Cabela's stuff is a much better deal for someone looking to spend less money and still have a great product.
  9. So...how do I get one? Can you post any info?
  10. Also shooting 65...I've been thinking of dropping just a few pounds cuz my let-off is only 65% and I do start to get the shakes after holding back 30-45 secs...maybe I should hit the weight room instead! Do you folks think a bow is louder when it is dialed down to the low end of its draw weight range? What are the performance issues associated with using the low end?
  11. Nothing better than fishing and Twins baseball! We'll hollar at you if we see you on the water. We'll probably be in a black/tan 14' Crestliner w/ a Honda 30 hung on the back.
  12. Awesome! Sounds like Yellow is starting to produce a few fish again. I'll be up with the family this weekend. Hopefully we can find some 'eyes, and I'd love to pu the kids on some of those smallies. We've been fishing the SE side of the lake near the river channel with very little success. Sounds like I've been on the right lake, maybe just on the wrong spots!
  13. I'm a big fan of AR as well. I head down there every spring to fish the lakes in Bella Vista, play some golf, and sometimes fish Beaver Lake, too. There are so many cool little restaurants and other places to check out. Someday I'd like to retire on a lake down there. Never tried any hunting down there, but I see so many places that look awesome for deer.
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