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  1. If your mud riding is not more then 60% take a close look at the 'Horn' Here are a couple of pictures of my '05 Rubicon when it had 5,284 miles on them. Front Rear
  2. So many places to ride out here plus we can license them for the street, mostly for forest service roads.
  3. When my Rubicon was new in '05 I followed the Owners manual to a tee and in Jan of '10 with almost 10k on it I traded it in and it still runs like day one It's a Great feeling never having to walk or be towed back to camp
  4. I just added some extra lights Back in '94 I just went to the auto parts store and bought a pair of driving lights and like the old saying goes you get what you pay for So the last three rides I just got lights made for ATV's and no issues I also wired them direct so they can be used anytime without having the key on.
  5. Yes I have the entire GuRu package for the Rincon
  6. I have a '04 K-2500 and haul my Rubicon 90% of the time in the bed it's a Ext.Cab with a short box. With the headache bar and some mods to the the front of the Rubicon I found this cool product, It comes with a clip so the gate will not bounce off just pull the handle and everything will release
  7. Thanks for posting Roofer ! I have posted this on a few ATV sites we have to band together NOW
  8. I have an '05 Honda Rubicon with almost 7000 issue free miles ! I ride in temps from 25° to 115° and haul it back to MN for the summer I was able to add a 1½" clearance by adding 26" Big Horns and smoothing out the ride by installing a set of Canadian Trail Edition shocks. I really like the transmission as it's able to change as my riding style does and not to many machines can do that ! Good Luck on your quest
  9. The few time I have rode in deep or hard pack snow I've been impressed
  10. I'll second the BigHorns unless your in the deep mud 90% of the time,I also found them to go thru the snow pretty good ! My 1st set of 'HORNS' had 5284 miles on them and I could have got about another 500 or 800 on the fronts,except when I come back home most of my miles are hard packed desert and mountains along with dried up riverbed & washes
  11. I'm running 26X9X12 front and 26X12X12 rear and only have about a ½" in front of the rear wheels, I lost 3mph on the top end but most of my riding is around 20 to 30 mph This is on a '05 Rubicon
  12. The powersports industry lost a true legend on Sunday, May 6th. CJ Ramstad and his son, JJ, were both killed in a head-on car crash in Minneapolis. www.snowpod.com/
  13. The Hondamatic transmission utilizes variable hydraulic pressure and mechanical torque amplification to provide seamless job-handling power and excellent acceleration. Engine power drives a hydraulic pump. The pump, in turn, drives a hydraulic motor with variable fluid capacity. Utilizing pump and motor pistons and a variable-pitch motor-side swash plate, hydraulic capacity and pressure are varied, producing continuously variable output speed. In addition, torque is increased as output-shaft speed is reduced. Dash-mounted knob switches to one of three electronic shifting programs: D1 for maximum performance, D2 for maximum torque, and ESP®, Honda`s exclusive Electric Shift Program. D1 and D2 modes provide continuously variable transmission output; ESP allows the rider to 'shift' the Hondamatic with the touch of a thumb using two push-buttons mounted on the left handlebar. The Hondamatic is extremely efficient, with operating efficiencies ranging from 75-81 percent in full-reduction mode and from 87-92 percent when input and output speeds are the same (1:1 ratio). The Hondamatic is fully sealed, compact and maintenance-free, with no belts to wear out and replace. The Hondamatic features true engine braking, unlike conventional belt-drive designs. Versatile rider controls provide a shift lever to select Drive, Low, Neutral and Reverse. The Hondamatic uses multi-filtered (one large-capacity filter and three strainers) engine oil as hydraulic fluid, simplifying maintenance and ensuring an adequate oil supply in all operating conditions.
  14. Excellent Post SP ! Each summer I come back to MN I find more areas closed down Getting Involved is the ONLY way to save our Sport
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