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  1. NBR

    Boat covers?

    The best is a custom cover but pricey. I bought a semicustom made for my boat model after searching the net. I has been very good. I can't remember the companies name but I think it was in South Carolina. If you are going to keep the boat covered while trailering be sure to get a trailerable cover or it won't last much more than 1 trip - maybe less!
  2. NBR

    Lure retreivers?

    I have 2. One is an extendable aluminum pole with a plastic end that you put the line through works to about 15' the other is a weight with some chain like gizmos that catch the lures hooks. Both work with the rod being the most used. If I recall correctly both came from BPS.
  3. We went for years and pared down the list so we had little left over. Potatos were 1.5/person/day Day 1 have a good rest. meal at mid day sandwiches at night Day 2. Cereal toast & coffee. Back to camp for fish mid day, nap out til dark and sandwiches at night Breakfast and evening allways the same. Day 3 Cornish Game Hens mid day Day 4 Fish at mid day Day 5 Spaghetti. home made meat sauce. Day 6 Fish. We started going for two weeks and for the second Saturday we had steak at mid day. Vegtable were usually potatoes, onions and carrots either wrapped in foil and done on the grill or boiled. Also had salad evdery day. We started the big meal at mid day because we were usuall first out of camp-5 AMand if we stayed out all day we would be so tired in the evenings we would miss the evening bite. So we would have our big meal then a nap and fish the evenings.
  4. NBR

    hard mouth problem

    I've had many since I first hunted with pointers and setters and then raised,trained,field trialed and sold on a hobby basis. I have never had an older dog that remained soft mouthed. I think they get pecked, wing beaten etc. and just get a bit tougher. My best bird finder was not my favorite dog since she tended to self hunt if the pickings were sparce she would increase her range faster than I was able to handle. Opps I got off topic. At one point I was south quail hunting, knocked down a bird that she picked up and brought to me. As I reached for the bird it flew from her mouth to the next fence row. By the time I quit hunting her when she picked up a bird it was one crunch and she handed you a dead bird. I would agree on the forced broke but I wouldn't guarantee a soft mouth.
  5. My only experience goes back several years but as I recall they were pretty prompt. Less than 2 weeks from the time I shipped to them. If I remember correctly I called them first.
  6. Actually, some fish need to be harvested for a healty population. Sooner or later the fish population out grows the food supply.
  7. NBR

    Line twist

    If you crank with the drag slipping twist will occur big time. If you want to see how fast just loosen your drag and reel a few yards with the drag slipping. In fresh water I get around this by using a very tight drag and back reeling. Pike and Musky will make long enough runs to challenge you and maybe bark a few knuckles but bass and walleye are not much of a problem. I started back reeling probably more than 20 years ago and unless I have a lure that spins (Think inline spinner or poorly rigged plastic) I don't have any issue with line twist. For the inline spinners I put a BB swivel on them and I am very careful how I rig my plastics.
  8. Many but my choice would be Rainy!
  9. What do you want to fish for? At St. Ignace you have everything available from trout, salmon to bass, walleye when you get there ask at the local DNR. Years ago the Carp was a decent trout and steelhead stream. I can't speak to it to day!
  10. I fished it for trout many years ago. I caught nothing and never went back. I'd check with the nearest DNR office for info. The Muskegon and Little Muskegon are near and are both excellant cool and cold water fisheries.
  11. I fished it for trout many many years ago. As I recall I caught nothing and have never gone back. I would ask the local DNR about the fishery. You might also want to look at both the Muskegon and Little Muskegon both are relatively near and excellant fisheries for both cold and cool water fiash.
  12. Berkley had a problem with the original packing and it did leak after you broke the seal. I transfered mine to a regular canning jar with a sealed lid and it was just fine. I believe they have fixed the problem.
  13. Just lots of good spots. I have been to Ontario for about 30 straight years and have had great years and just good years but never a disappointing trip. My favorite time is the second week in June with the first and third weeks the alternates. The bass are really hot at this time and the walleyes are also active. I would suggest you do a search at sunsetcountry that should list more than enough options to fill your needs.
  14. My take is 3.5#=nice fish, 4#+= a dandy, 5# = huge consider a replica mount, 6# absolutely a replica mount.
  15. NBR

    Who can afford

    Ike, I agree. My current top price for a bait casting combo is about $150 and for a spinning outfit much less. I must admit I have aged to the geezer class and have a lot of rods and reels. I found a green Curado marked way down 2 or 3 years ago and I don't find it performs any better than some of my older Quantums, Daiwas, Pfluegers, Or BPS reels.
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