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  1. Anyone who can teach me to PM on here (disabled) Cant even message rick or waldo
  2. Maybe jiffy knows www.jiffy on ice . com
  3. mj1657 No prior art tip-up will do this (ancor a spearing Dec) Thats why I developed one that will. It works in conjunction with the user's own rod and reel combo, Insulates the hole cut in the ice in insane temps. user friendly rite down to kids. What are the dues to be able to PM on here. I'm up in Cambridge.
  4. I like shiners also. Hook them upside down, through the vent along the spine and out toward tail. If you don't use steel leaders thats good in this case because the shiner is always working and swiming to keep "rite". They are swiming up over the sinker a lot of the time. I allways ice a few even on the deadest days doing this. Fred Bear, interesting to here mention of the spearing Dec's used for fishing. I get the double diget gators once in a while doing this. I wonder why I cant PM on here, forbiden. I have an intelectual property delema. Can you PM ME?
  5. what it comes down to is this- if you want to stop using a bobber, all you need is a bobberstop. this givs a means of being able to have your line carried by a release mecinism. the release is held uprite by the stored energy in the (bent) spring steel that raises the flag. by placeing the spring steel near the pivot point you then have an easy breakaway (release), and the breakaway requires a greater force as the placement go's further away from the pivot point, which will hold a larger, more agressive minnow, to target biger fish. the release, of course needs a platform, (base) why not make the base as insulative as possible? all that has to pass thru is line via a door in the base to place / remove the tip-up. it is not recomended to use a closed face reel, as the boberstop will not pass the pickup pin, as is the case with slipbobbers. catching a fish with any tip-up out their today is like hiting a baseball with a broomhandle. and who would want a young kid to haul off and yank on line with his/her hand's, not knowing what might lurk at the other end? Enough for now. Hope Iceleaders/ FM will forgive my long windedness, and pro-staff will report any sucess and/or failure with the prototypes they were good enough to test. I'll close with my own origional jargon, just set your drag and watch that flag! - get the edge with DragonFlag. ®
  6. Reply" not allowed. sorry (long laim story) Guess (Contact US Regarding This Word) wasent so bad after all.
  7. Totaly covers the hole, all that has to pass thru- near center is the users line. good for four hours at least- at 20 below.
  8. I'm not certan, but theirs a tower on the webster end thats visible from the Kango acess. maby thats the one you saw. Good insight jr7, but waubay is all a bunch of bays, inlets & backwaters. I think you called it, mostly on the drain tiles, (culverts). Guess we wont be out this weekend after all, freezing rain. still would like to show my tip-up to anyone of interest, again, all the long range visibelity of a flag, only you come up with your rod and reel come "showtime". just set your drag & watch that flag. DragonFlag.
  9. Thanks NW, forgot to ask about snow cover. can we drive off the beaten path with a normal 4 weel drive? comeing out friday, will be at Andy's on bresky bay, but tend to end up at Busters alot. Maby an un-oficial FM meeting is in order? I'd like to show my tip-up invention to anyone interested, a "break away" that let's the user land the fish with a rod and reel. I'd elaborate further, but am on "thin ice". tough to discuss stuff you dont see at sportsmans warehouse. If you dont think it's interesting, I'll buy a round, how's that? a travel trailer size furnace teck could get some aditional perks. and their might be some venison steaks in the cards as well.
  10. That whole stretch coming out of grenville is good in the spring. Hardwater's another story, and one I dont know too well. we've set up in the outer edge of the trees at the far corner and got a few last year. I'm a gator nut mostly, but with four lines, you can cover all the bases. we like it alot! especialy when the season closes here. one heck of a forage base in waubay.
  11. Thanks for the info Mr. Buck. I asume limits of both pearch and walleyes? or just pearch. You ever target the gators? some monster pike in there. why do the only crappie seem to come off the Grenvill end of the lake? my sister's got a trailer on Bresky Bay (down from Kango), so that's "camp" when we come out. we hamer everything but crappies. and go off the road at Grenvill or to Enimy for them.
  12. I'm wondering if Bluedog's any good this time of year, I beleave it's only 10 - 11 feet tops, if that. also, what's going on off the Kango landing? (waubay, out of webster) We'll drop a line at Buster's hopefully soon, definatly after MN. closes.
  13. What if a guy could have all the long range visibility of a tip-up with his (or hers) favorite rod & reel, Have a wide range of setings on the release to acomidate the lite biteing walleye fisherman - rite up to being able to hold a magnum sucker minnow (spearing decoy) for those "home run" pike fisherman. and keep the hole matinence free for hours at 20 below zero, and be user friendly- even for kids. Just set the drag & watch the flag? - it could happen. Requesting moderator permission for further discussion. Please advise. DragonFlag.
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