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  1. Freewheeler

    Best electric fillet knife?

    If your issue seems to be the curve of the knife blade why not just buy a cheap set of Rapala curved blades and grind of the square corner on the butt end of the blades so they will fit the knife you like. I do not like the straight blade design either and found this to be a much better option than changing knife brands.
  2. Freewheeler

    Hunten Trail Cams?

    What kind of trail cam did you buy for that price? What store did you get it from. Some seem to be real China junk others seem to do the job quite well. I leave my cameras up y ear round and they have helped in many ways. (best is they put a picture to the tracks)
  3. Freewheeler

    check this out.

    NICE! Bet you won't be leaving that one outside your camper on the ice!
  4. Freewheeler

    Crank down fish house repair?

    Jeyesswhy Try Franks RV repair in Ramsey, Mn. Right on #10. They make them also so should be no problem. #763-323-oo99
  5. Freewheeler

    Leech's~~ No Snow luber Hyfax saver.

    Sweet! I like your thinking on this one. Too bad I wasn't smart enough to think of somthing like this for my Tracks on my Jeep. It wouldn't have to sit beside my garage like a benched player. Way to think outside the box!
  6. Freewheeler

    fishhouse hole sleeves

    Tops about 12" bottoms must be 10" how big of holes you drilling?
  7. Freewheeler

    fishhouse hole sleeves

    5 gal bucket sides cut with a jigsaw will work for this. Cut the top and the bottom off, go from there. They last for years and will stack.
  8. Freewheeler

    epoxy paint on treated plywood floor?

    low277, I have used oil based paint on treated plywood before with very good results. You may want to cut your first coat of oil based paint with thinner to create a primer that really soaks in. Otherwise your paint may lift on you, in a wet/dry situations. Let that stinky first coat dry real good before attempting to put on the second coat full strength. Had oil based epoxy on the floor of my perm house for 20+ yrs and it held up like a champ. But it will stink alot the first season but when dry makes for a almost waterproof floor.
  9. Freewheeler

    Question on bunks

    File sent.
  10. Freewheeler

    Question on bunks

    gamberc, Looks like you have the same setup as my UltraShack does. I have two fold down bunks on one side that fold out of the way so I can still drive my wheeler in for transport when needed. Also I can leave the bottom bunk down for sitting on instead of chairs if thats your preferance. I will go out and snap a few pics tomorrow of how its attached to the wall and how it hangs. I think this will get you going in the right direction. I always have trouble sending pics but could e-mail them to you if you want to give me a call218-686-1135. If you don't have a fan to circulate the heated air you may want to consider fold up bunks from each side as the top one is usually the hot one. I know it doesn't leave any room in the middle with both bunks down but then again there for sleeping ain't they?
  11. Freewheeler

    Lock out is on

    Maybe the Football Govenor could just take the players bargining power away from the players and all will be well again. lol.
  12. Freewheeler

    Crank down fish house "do's" and "dont's"

    Couple of things come to mind right away. When setting up drop your tounge first, then the rear wheels. Lift your wheels first, then your tounge weight when leaving.[ pretty basic] As a wheelhouse owner for the eighth season I can tell you I have never drilled a hole inside my house yet, and it still smells new inside. I pull up, mark my holes, pull ahead 10-15' drill and clean holes,back STRAIGHT BACK, and drop her down and fish!But, some can't back straight or feel they have to crank on the wheel one way or the other so thats somthing they'll have to get for themselves. But doing it this way eliminate any two cycle oil/gas smell in the fabrics,carpet, bedding,ect. As well as the occasional oops from the power auger against the wall or floor. You may also want to consider running a small exhaust fan in the window when you are cooking too. It will get rid of a lot of inside moisture which sticks to everything when you cook. Good Fishing
  13. Freewheeler


    Dark Cloud, I've never tried t-loins with a Pesto and hot sauce combo before but it certainly sounds like it would be good. I'll give that one a try next fall on some fresh ones. At least most people aren't overcooking them. I hope.
  14. Freewheeler

    Showdown vs. Vexillar

    jpz, I did call the customer service dept after your 11:00 posting and left my # and problem with them hoping they could shed some light on this thing for me. I was kinda hoping that this might have been a one in a million sort of deal and they would advise me to return it or exchange it or at least question if I had tried this or that. Well, I'm still waiting for that call. I'm hoping there not all tied up solving depth finder problems. So you could safely assume I'm also not real impressed with their Customer Service either! Is this a sign? Or am I just on roll of bad luck or Karma. Don't mean to seem to anxious here but we're in the middle of Ice fishing yet up north and I feel kinda bummed about borrowing a buddies Vex and answering the questions of "hows your new unit working out" or "Ithought you had one" on a positive note though, the fish are still biting and can still be had the old fashioned way before these things were invented.
  15. Freewheeler

    Showdown vs. Vexillar

    Thats affirmative on setting the noise down to 0 also. Been there done that! I have tried just about every thing to speed this thing up to my standards but nothing worked any better. Not in Ice Mode, not in Ice Mode, Full battery charge, you name it, I have tried it. [on a side note] I really do like the way the battery charger hooks up. But there has to be more in the way of performance enhancement before I would consider keeping this thing for my fishing needs. As for the temp,[wheeled house at 80] so we can forget the temp factor as well. One other item of this unit I didn't care for was when I was in 20' and my jig was at19' sometime the depth would jump to forty' range before coming back again. Once it even showed a depth of 256'[temporarily of course] before comung back to its snail like pace. I have fished Lake of the Woods for forty years and have seen and had alot of new products that have come down the road of fishing and in this time I have come to the point where I will NOT tolerate equipment failure. So this one GOES down the road, and I'll buy one that I know works. Didn't mean to [PoorWordUsage] in anybodys corn flakes if you bought one of these, but this one has a lemon flavor to it.