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  1. I am heading to SD tomorrow with 2 buddies to pheasant hunt.. I am a pheasant virgin but 1 of the buddies went last year. They hunted private land last year and paid the land owner.. This time we r gonna try to find public land to hunt. My question is will public land without a bunch of people be easy to find or nearly impossible? How far into SD do you have to go to find prime pheasant hunting? sorry for the crazy questions but im a rookie? Please give any other helpfull info you have... Thanks in advance
  2. I have 2 Brown trout and a Coho im gonna fry up tonight. My prefered method is to pan fry i usually just coat with fry magic and salt and fry. It is tasty but looking for something maybe tastier and different tonight. Any suggestions on what to coat with or sprinkle on? Also how long do u like to cook a fillet? I start with heat on med. and then turn between med/low i uderstand stoves are different but i usually set timer for 18-20 mins and turn fish 4 times. This is for trout/salmon less for less oily fish
  3. very interested.... Any in the Duluth area?
  4. I had a great Ice season. Definetly opened up a whole new can of worms, fishing the Ashland/Washburn/Bayfield area. Afriend of mine brought me down for first ice off the rivers and it was a blast. And then reading all of JKH's posts of awesome fishing action. It seemed every chance i had we were on the Bay fishing. Even tried the Ice road for deep water trout. Now for the funny part.... I thought it was just gonna be a 1 time thing so i only purchased the 2 day license each time, well 6 2day licenses later at $14 each i definetly should of bought the full season. I know i will after Apr 1 and be ready for next year. I will be in Washburn tomorrow hopefully seeing and catching trout, My buddy is goin to the Brule but i havent opened that can of worms yet, who the heck has enough time for all this great fishing in Wisc.
  5. The ice roads are fine in Ashland. Outdoor Allure said dont drive out there but when i was there Tues. 3/15 lots of trucks and us out there in a front wheel drive car. I have spent sooo much $$$ on 2 day non resident licenses cant wait till Apr. 1 to buy the whole season license just never thought the Bay could be so much fun.
  6. Fished out from the Onion today from 11am till 2 nothing happening in 6'-15' so we moved to the shipping channel in ashland and managed just a coho. Nice day to be out
  7. FlagUp

    Wis point

    hows it lookin now i seen ice out there from a view point on skyline
  8. First year i have really fished The Bay and defintly loving it. This area you mentioned where the salmon are snapping can you drive out there and where do i get on the lake at also how deep of water. Sorry for so many ?'s
  9. I was out off the ice road on Sat. 2/19 by the 6th tree fished from noon till dark no fish but had a couple hits. We tried smelt and cut Golden shiners
  10. Any vehicles been traveling on the ice road in Bayfield? Thanks for any info
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