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  1. No beavers doing damage in Norman County
  2. Just need small game license, not a trapping license if you are only hunting.
  3. Set em in cattails, marshy areas. You should have em around there. place your boxes where you see weasel or mice tracks and you have a good chance at catching them.
  4. Mos Def worth the extra money. However, with proper adjustments/ modifications(pan tension,swivels, etc..) you can put those cheaper traps to good use as well. Trap placement being equally important. I think of this way, typically more expensive the trap, less modifications and adjustments need to be made.
  5. Had 2 beaver eaten by eagles by the time I've gotten there this year, never had it happen before.
  6. I'm having the same results with macs, peanuts, pecans and mangos. All they seem to want are bread n pastries. We have 3 different baits getting hit now. Ill have to try a sweet mix
  7. Nothing wrong....she knew I was home all week and was too scared to show her face. She will come back. Any more bears hit yours ??
  8. Here is my brown bear, showed up 4 days in a row, and haven't had her visit since. I think she was the same Sow I had on camera last year with cubs. Hard to tell if its the same bear, but sure has a tank on her.
  9. Finally figured out why the barrel is bone dry everyday
  10. Little Guy that grubs about 4 times a day.
  11. Why wont people say the name of the company ? I only know of u.s. foxx and fur over that way
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