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  1. Got out for a few hours this afternoon on Chisago. After spending nearly an hour figuring them out we got a half dozen up to 19" on stickbaits in 2-5ft. Nothing on jigs or cranks main-lake. Might have taken a Senko-type when we found them-but when you catch a few with an hour to go-and nice ones- why switch. River tommorrow and maybe a stop back at the lake. rascal
  2. Line trick works like a charm! Fishin silvers way in the backwaters of the Croix, got a small treble embedded in my thumb.Tried pushing it through, but not enough hook. Told my buddy to loop some line through the bend while I held the eye tight to my thumb. YANK! Popped out, a little anti-ointment,a bandaid, and back to fishing within 15 minutes. 2-3 days later, you could barely see a hole. I'm A Believer!! rascal
  3. Look at combos in Bass Pro or Cabelas. They cover the full range of "quality", and the money you save can just about mean a free rod. $100 - $125 can get you a perfectly good combo. If you just want the reel, look in the bargain cave or similar for discontinued models.
  4. Looks like I'm one of the few that have a cable drive - 48 AT. When I bought my boat new in 97, I skipped the depth finder/trolling motor package that came with the boat(they gave me a pretty good credit) and went out and bought my own, gave it to them, and they(Nelsons) installed it all - no charge - before I picked up the boat. Anyway, I would never get a power drive. I like the instant control of a cable drive and way more reliable(less electronics). I've used mine HARD and ALOT - many more hours than the outboard in 10+ years. I've replaced the brushes and seal about 3 years ago and thats it. When I replace it, if and when it finally dies, I'll get a Maxxum. Seems like all new boats get setup with a Power Drive unit. I don't know if this is because of a lower initial cost to the boat dealer or what, But if you're buying a new boat, or replacing - look into putting a cable drive unit on. rascal
  5. You said you put in a new circuit board. Does that mean it's a power drive? I'll be looking for a 74 maxxum when my current one kicks off, but I need a cable drive and 42" might be to short for my Alumacraft. Not exactly sure what I got now without taking a tape to it. Price sounds great. rascal
  6. Jim or anybody, Hows the water level? From what I'm seeing, its up nearly a foot. That right? rascal
  7. I could be wrong, but I always thought it was because they(DNR) wanted to make bass available to BWCA campers. Doesn't make much sense cuz the idea is to protect spawning bass. And if they wanted to give preferential to BWCA, why not make it BWCA only. The early season does open up quite a bit of bass water - Vermillion being the biggest. Strange rule. One lake we fish by Eveleth is closed, yet 5 miles away another is open. IMO, all bass should open for C&R with the walleye opener. Wisconsin bass is open right now, similar geography and their bass pop. seems fine. rascal
  8. rascalP

    Ice - out bass

    OK, Next Sat. bass opens in Wis. Looks like we'll be having the opportunity to fish "truly" ice - out bass depending on where you go. I was out last Tues. prowling around N. of 8 looking for trout. Found some smaller lake just ice free and others iced over. Deer Lake (St. Croix Falls) was totally solid ice - white ice. Now my knowledge of this situation is limited to using suspending hard jerk-bait-baits - husky-jerk-baits, X-raps, suspending Rogues, etc... I'm talking ice off for a week or two at most. What are your thoughts? What are you gonna try first? Where? I'm thinking Clam Lake or Wood or maybe Balsam or smaller SCF lakes. Probably not till Mon. at the earliest (hate opening weekends). I'll expect Deitz to chime in on this one with his wealth of knowledge. Anybody else? This will be a unique opportunity to try for bass as soon as the ice leaves. I'm curious to see what works for everybody. rascal
  9. rascalP

    Dry Ice

    When we went to the BWCA, we would take the meat that we wanted to use later in the trip and wrap it with a few chunks of dry ice in some scrap closed cell foam(the dark grey stuff) and tape it shut. It would definitly stay frozen and the small size packed nice in a duluth pack or backpack. You could also put it inside a mattress pad of the same material or get a small soft-side cooler. We never brought hard coolers in. Dry ice WILL freeze everything - as stated above, use it to keep regular ice longer. rascal
  10. I know it's a little late but had to post about the Sam Cook article. Great read. Sam is one of the best outdoor writers for MN/WI. His articles sometimes get printed in the Minneapolis Trib. Nice to see him in your group, Jim. Me and a buddy went out with Chris B. a few years ago when it was easier to leave the boat at home. Great guy and he knows his smallies. Time to start thinking about THAT! rascal
  11. Clubhouse Lake -- Chippewa Nat Forest out of Marcell(N. of Grand Rapids) Big old growth pines. Any Superior Nat. Forest campground. Ninemile and Eckbeck come to mind, but many others will do. Eckbeck puts you close to Gooseberry falls and Temperence river. If they are full(which they usually are -go to Eckbeck) No. 3 -- If you don't need showers or flush toilet, see above. Otherwise, Whitewater, Jay Cooke or Father Hennepin State Parks are good for various reasons. rascal
  12. Outdoor, Yeah, I saw 2 shows with John in Milwaukee - one they were in a boat and another they fished out of one of them air-boats, like they use in the bayou's. Wow, they made it look too easy. Needless to say, it's on my radar for trips to do. On another note, Jim(JKH), are we gonna see a Gillespie show with you up on the bay? Seems to be a no-brainer, and one I would look forward to seeing!
  13. wannab, Yeah, that's the one. Stayed there a number of years ago. Typical state forest campground - wooded and private. We were there to fish. Pillsbury State Forest(W. of Brainerd) would be another to check out -- been on my radar, but never stayed there. St. Croix State Park is nice too. Better with canoes, bikes or horses. It's huge! And if you have a boat, Father Hennepin is tough to beat for fishing Mille Lacs. Sites arn't bad for a S.P. BTW, I wanna be in Ely too. One of my favorite places in the state! rascal
  14. If you don't need showers and modern plumbing, stick to State and National Forest parks as well as county parks. In your area, Birch Lake comes to mind. County parks are harder to find, but State Forest and National Forest campgrounds are easily found on the internet. rascal
  15. Jim, I caught John Gillespies show last week with you ice fishing with a group including Pete Maina. I watch all of John's shows(thanks DVR) and get a kick out of him and Pete together. I enjoy Pete on the Next Bite shows as well. I hope Pete's message at the end of the show gets out so we can "right the regs". I for one will NOT be fishing for muskies in the new early season. Hopefully everyone else at FM will do the same. I'ld like to get up to the Bay some winter so you can show me how to get some of them ice trout. Oh yeah, quite an understated plug for yourself at the end of the show . Nicely done! rascal
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