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  1. Bought an M&P shield and my buddy got hit in the head by a deer waiting to get in. overall a good time.
  2. Back to the longest, took me 5 years to get my first.
  3. What's the quickest time you've seen get one in a boat? Last saturday my fishing partner caught a 34" about 1/2 hour into our trip on Lake Vermillion. Got us excited.
  4. He had a song where it sounded like a train. And then he would "hoot" the train whistle. what was the name of that song?
  5. D4 Army


    any of you guys into it? are the 2 piece guns as accurate as the one piece?
  6. Will the yellow off shore planer boards handle bigger musky baits?
  7. God of War series final fantasy 7 ms. pacman
  8. Should I tie direct to the lure or use a mono leader.
  9. D4 Army

    Howa 1500 rifles

    Thanks Paul. I was dead set on a Weatherby Vanguard. then a guy from work told me the Howa 1500 were pretty much identical. I'm thinking I'll go with the howa
  10. D4 Army

    Howa 1500 rifles

    Anybody know anything about these? Never heard of them but the price is right on rifle/scope combos.
  11. opening line to the Departed. "Hienekin? F*&% that Sh*%. Pabst blue ribbon.
  12. D4 Army

    blacked out

    all of us with dish network were blocked. it came back on at 9:30 when the actual schedule of the game was done so we got to see the end. bummer. i would have liked to have seen the whole game.
  13. D4 Army

    blacked out

    why was last nights game blacked out?
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