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  1. If you lost your tackle container on Phelps bay ('Tonka) newyears eve send me a PM with a description of your container and stuff and we'll figure out how to get your stuff home.
  2. Thanks for the reply...classic case of you should a been here yesterday.
  3. We were up there this week as well, nowhere near as good fishing for us. Two small fish (3#ers) Tuesday out of Rowley's Bay - bait was everywhere in large balls with fish mixed in but not biting what we were pulling. Wed had winds gusts to gale force per NOAA, went to the hardware store in Algoma, watched the waves break over the wall in the harbor for a few minutes. Fished Gills Rock Mon evening and Thur morning lots of bait, lots of fish, no action. We ran from 2.0 to a bit over 3 mph/gps, small spoons to magnums and flys, very frustrating. Nowiser where were you fishing out of?
  4. Our trip this year included two days of sight seeing as the wind was bad...Wed the 28th had gusts to gale force (per NOAA) added to motor problems on Monday and we got in two days of fishing, half a day at a time. The water temp went from 55-58 down to 42 to 45, which isn't bad except the fish were not biting to start with. We fished Rowleys Bay, Gills Rock and Cana Light. The first two areas were just loaded with bait, there were balls of alewife all over the screen with fish of all sizes mixed in but too full to bite. By the end of Tuesdays fishing we were not even bothering to menti
  5. Probably needs the Walbro brand K20-WTA kit, (might be WTA-K20) this kit fixes a lot of different carbs, so you won't use all the parts in it. Fowlers in Bloomington (MN) sells them for 10.13$ tax included.
  6. I just had a look at the MODIS satellite image and Upper Red is 9/10 iced over with a lite dusting of snow. The shallow parts of Leech were iced too, very little ice on fishing lakes south of Leech. Duck sloughs were pretty well locked up.
  7. We're just back from Door County and the fish were biting about average for this time of year. We would hit one here and one there. The only bunch we found produced a triple with all of them finding the cooler. This year we had a mixed bag of 10 kings and 6 steelhead between 2 boats over three days. Half the fish were caught near the surface on planer boards pulling spoons behind 5oz snap weights. Mostly a spoon bite with a mix of regular and magnum sizes, roughly 1/4 hit flys (LBB with some glow tied in) We marked very little bait and few fish but considering we were catching them
  8. You might only need to tune your yellow birds a bit. The wire arm that the front release connects to has a little to much bend in it, flatten the bend (the bend that's half way out to where the release connects) just a LITTLE bit and try them again. Repeat until they run right. If they start to dive, you have flattened out the bend too much.
  9. Back from Door county, and the fishing is starting to pick up out of Bailey's harbor and Rowley's bay. Lots of bait around both areas, marked a fair amount of fish both places. We had the most action 55 to 75' down in 90 to 100' of water. Flasher-flys (any flasher with a little boy blue fly)did better than spoons with the exception being a magnum Moonshine in the emminator pattern. Best speeds were 2.4 - 3.0 mph GPS. Down rigger or dipsy didn't matter, just had to get to the 55-75' range. Smallest fish was ~3#, biggest 18#, two about 15#, the rest were 8-10#. Also see post in great lak
  10. We're back from Door county and the fishing was just starting to pick up in Bailey's harbor and Rowley's bay. Monday out of Bailey's two boats picked up four kings and missed a couple, Tuesday with similar weather, zero fish. Talking with Tim at Wagon Trail camp ground he had been getting one or two a trip out of Rowley's so Wednesday we tried Rowley's, windy with mist to light rain was not much fun but each boat managed a king. Back at the campground Tim passed on a report from a friend that the friend picked up ten out of Bailey's. Thursday we went to Bailey's and we pulled in seven wit
  11. We used Kinns twice and had the same phone problem the second time. We've used Reel Addiction Charter out of Rowleys Bay (Door county)twice and enjoyed those trips more than the Kinns trips. Reel Addiction does not have lodging packages but the marina is 200' from a resort/hotel (Wagon Trail resort). Now we use our own boats.
  12. Try Cabelas on-line store and if they don't have what your looking for try Mack's Prairie wings on-line store, then there's Wing Supply, Rogers, Final Flight Outfitters just to name a few off the top of my head.
  13. Out the sides, there's no problem with turns as you usually want to use up a good hundred yards to make a turn to avoid "knitting a sweater" with the lines. And unless you do a real tight turn there's little danger of getting the cable in the motor (it can be done but takes a bit of work to do it) Also out the sides gives your baits a bit more separation. On my rebel I lined the riggers up with the back seat so that you can sit and crank'em up comfortably.
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