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  1. Northsider #13

    Bad Flooring

    Do you have a Fridgedaire dish washer? We sent them the part and they said it was a faulty pump. It may be leaking underneath every wash. Happened to us. Lost new Hickory flooring in kitchen and it kept flowing to the hallway and living room.
  2. Little Boar (Halle Ann), prayers sent your way!!! Best wishes!!!
  3. Northsider #13

    CF/MOTO ATV questions.

    Has anyone owned one? Driven one. Any info would be appreciated. Finally, get to use it extensivly this weekend. Thanks,
  4. Northsider #13

    CF/MOTO ATV questions.

    Hello, I currently won a new CF/MOTO 500 ATV in a raffle. I know nothing about the manufacturer or the machine. I had a 2002 Arctic Cat 500 and loved it, but sold it. Looking forward to the new machine! Thanks,
  5. tka250, I am interested in the wheel house. Can you shoot me some info (manufacturer, size, heat, bunks, etc.) Thanks much,
  6. Northsider #13

    Fenwick Elite tech Walleye jigging 6' 3"

    Looks like I'm a day late. I guess I should look closer at the date last responded. Good fishing..............
  7. Northsider #13

    Fenwick Elite tech Walleye jigging 6' 3"

    This is funny, I just answered another site requsting what jigging rod to purchase. I added that my Fenwick 6' 3" Tech V (W/inexpensive Sahara) is one of my favorites. It the lightest, most sensitive, strongest rods I use for jigging. I use 6# mono or 6# braided with 6# mono to my jig. My favorite jigging rod (for 1/16 to 1/4 oz jigs) hands down.
  8. Northsider #13

    Portable Ice House... Help!!

    Tear Mender!
  9. Rum River Rat, I am retired and can stop by tomorrow or Tuesday. I believe I got an older sled fish house from you a couple of years ago. If you call me on my cell and give me your address, I could stop by. Please give me a call on my cell so we can talk. Thanks, Brian
  10. Rum River Rat, I would love to have the fishing tackle. My grandkids go through my stuff pretty fast. Please give me a call on my cell, and we can discuss details. C: 763-370-2772 Thanks, Brian
  11. Looks like it is still available. I have two sled houses, and I'm pretty sure it will work for one of them. I can pick it up at your convience. I am over in Champlin. Cell: 763-370-2772 Thanks, Brian
  12. Northsider #13

    4 hole canvas portable

    Go_Twins, was the fish house picked up. If not I am interested. Thank you, Brian Cell:763-370-2772
  13. Northsider #13

    Older Ice fishing stuff

    Flatliner, I just notice the small LP tank and sun heater may still be abailable. If so I can certainly put them to good use. Thanks again, Brian Cell: 763-370-2772
  14. Northsider #13

    Older Ice fishing stuff

    Welcome home and thanks! If you still have the oven/stove I could sure use it. Please advise via my cell phone number. Thank you, Brian Cell: 763-370-2772
  15. Northsider #13

    flip over fish house

    elwood, do you still have the house? What is the length? Please contact me by my cell phone, Thanks, Brian 763-370-2772