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  1. Hey Todd, I think the duck you are talking about might actually be an Old Squaw...joint effort shot between Tim Anderson's son and friend Shon. My buddy Shon texted me a pic that morning wondering what the heck it was...I had to look it up...I'm not used to sea ducks so I was pretty baffled...I forgot what it was but there is a reason for their funny expressions in the pic!
  2. Great Job! What size shot are you using for the grays? I'm looking to trying out the fox thing for the first time this year and am using 3", #4 Magnum turkey load with an extra full choke. I would hope this would drop one at 30 yards or less? Also, not much of a selection in the area stores for coyote shot. Fleet only carries Dead Coyote in 3 1/2" so I bought a box of 2 3/4" T-Shot (HeviShot/Maximum Defense). Not sure if this is only for home defense or can be used for hunting? Either that or I have OO Buckshot but have heard that may be too large of shot? Also, do you aim for the head or vitals...or both? Any advice will be appreciated.
  3. I don't think I need to justify why I took the shot. Like I mentioned, I knew it was a low percentage shot and Vister was right. The day before I passed up a doe in the exact same spot. This was a buck...not gonna lie and had a bit of buck fever because he just appeared so quickly BUT I took my time and was confident with my shot. I've been bowhunting for over 12 years and this was a hard lesson learned with it being the first deer I've lost. SticknString may feel like it was a poor decision and that's fine but it was my decision that I made...it is what it is...don't need this to be a long drawn out discussion. Bowhunting Education is a good thing but it will depend on the shooter as if the shot will be taken or not. I learn from experiences and this will be one for the record! I am sad to say that I spent the good part of the day looking for the buck but lost the blood trail as he went uphill. I'm bummed he is now injured but am confident that he will survive as it had to be a direct shoulder hit. There was only a few inches that went in him.
  4. Had that arrow been a bit deeper I think that would be a good idea. I should have never made that shot...just happened so fast. Think 5 inches could have went into a lung? I was losing light and blood when he went uphill. I've always heard they are more likely to go down than up. It was amazing how the arrow snapped once he ran...dindn't expect that. Sick to my stomach about this tonight! Never again will I make a shot like that..not worth it.
  5. Well I gambled and lost tonight I passed up a large doe that was a foot away from my stand yesterday...not wanting to take a straight down shot in the drizzle. Today a nice buck (didn't focus on how many points but had good mass and would have put him on the wall). This happened at 5:30pm and came from a direction that was unexpected of course! He was directly under my stand as the doe was yesterday...he seemed nervous as was I of course. I decided to put the pin at the spine and released. I saw the arrow go 1-2 inches to the left of the spine and he bolted. My eyes followed him down the ravine and I saw tail flicker and I felt he was down! Lo and behold I look down and there is my arrow that snapped. I measured 5 inches that went in. Found blood exactly 70 yards from the stand. decent amount but what made me stop tracking was that he went uphill on a trail when he could have had the choiced of going into two thick thicket/swamps. I trailed probably 150-200 yards??? I talked with a buddy and we came to the concluseion that I hit the shoulder. I know it was a risky shot but wanted to know what y'all think. My guess is that he will survive...don't think it was a fatal shot at all. Hopefully he'll survive! Should I stick it out and go back in a couple of days?? Hope there is more decent bucks in the area. I'm using RAGE broadheads and have had decent luck with them but if it hit shoulder...don't know if a fixed blade would have busted through. Amazing what a couple of inches can make!
  6. muzzy

    Torn ACL

    My Chocolate Lab tore his ACL in Jan/Feb and had it repaired with the tightrope method near Rochester (I drove several hours to get this done). This method isn't as intrusive as the TPLO and less expensive. The material is much stronger than the fishline method also. There aren't many vets that do this method but I would recommend it. Granted, my dog is going on 9 years old...he still goes balls to the walls in the field but is pretty darn sore the next day. Rimadyl helps the inflammation. He's really only good for a day hunt as of now. I tore my ACL 2 years ago and I feel his pain!
  7. J jig, My 95# Chocolate Lab also tore his knee up a couple weeks ago...did a lot of contemplating on this as he's my first dog and 8 years old. Very expensive either way. I did a lot of research and shopping around. Come to find a vet in Byron who does a newer method of surgery called the tightrope method which uses much stronger material than traditional methods (Very few vets do this method). The price is cheaper than the TPLO method with the steel plate but most important is that its much less invasive of a surgery. "We" are now going on day 12 and he's already wanting to run but I have been keeping him confined since the day of surgery. I also am hoping the other knee doesn't blow out as I don't know if I'd be able to afford that at this time. It's worth it as I am hoping I can get a couple more quality years out of him! Good luck!
  8. Thanks for the tips all...I think I will continue with how I had it facing me again but will have to hold back with the "extra" calling. I figure if he sees it, don't need to do nothing else. I am going to add some scent this time as well as I left it in the truck before on that day...(always something to leave behind!) Gonna give it a try this evening...can't wait!
  9. Hey all, I'm sure this has been discussed here before but here is what happened on the eve of yesterday. Buck decoy (1 sided 8pt.), 20 yards of me crosswind or downwind for the most part...decoy facing me. Bedding area behind the decoy and myself and behind me is an alfalfa field and Im on the edge of the field. I placed the deke in a 10-15 yard wide trail that runs from the bedding area to the field. 8pt. buck walked parallel to the decoy not seeing it heading towards the field, I grunted and immediately the buck saw the decoy, circling around the backside of it and stopping behind it. Closest he got to me was 35 yards but too much brush. I grunted softly twice which I think I shouldn't have done that just made him slowly walk away. I know every buck reacts differently depending on their aggression or pecking order. I am new at decoying and read different opinions on positioning but was needing advice by experience as to what I should do differently. Move the decoy farthere away? Facing away or broadside? Scent or no scent? Decoy in the Alfalfa field? Just keep doing but shut up? Either way, I'm having fun watching the reactions of this deer as well as other does and fawns. Makes things really interesting! Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  10. Thanks for all the advise guys. I'm sure you just saved me some valuable time. I'll post what I ended up with. Thanks again!
  11. Hey all, looking to buy a nice Canon soon. I can't decide on the XS or the XSi, or trying to even find an XTi. I know all are great but I'm new and learning to find what lens to get as I heard the 18-55 isn't the greatest that Canon has to offer. Couple questions. I'm finding just a few websites that offer the XSi body for $380 which is $420 less than I can get it in town. What do you all think is the scoop on this I have been saving up and can spend about a thousand total on whatever I can including accessories etc. What would you canon lovers go for? Appreciate any input! Muzzy
  12. muzzy


    Thanks for the insight everyone. I'll try the bag and the real ones. I'll let y'all know which set works I'll be heading for the Rushford area on Wednesday. Anyone seeing activity in that region? I only saw 3 bucks in 4 days last year but all were big compared to the ones I see up here in Brainerd. Just hope they all didn't get flooded out with the rest of the poor town
  13. muzzy


    I usually try rattle bags and really haven't had much luck. There are bigger bucks in the area where I go so one would guess to use heavier antlers??? I can use a set of small ones but they just sound like wind chimes
  14. Hey all, I was watching a hunting video and saw a guy have two heavy antlers attached to a string from his stand. He would jerk the rope and the antlers would clash with the brush from down below. This seems like it would be a good tactic. Any thoughts on this? Anyone try this before? I might try it on my trip to SE MN this week. Totally pumped to hit the bluffs! Muzzy
  15. Awesome looking buck Super Black, Field edge...stand? How'd you get the big boy?
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