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  1. Sonicrunch

    Deadlifts...the perfect excercise?

    replace? no. doing both is pretty awesome though. stick with the lighter weight squats, and only increase the weight when you know your knees are ready for it. Always make sure you are getting good recovery.
  2. Sonicrunch

    Gym exercises you won't do

    I like where this thread is going. Free weights, or go home.
  3. Sonicrunch


    I've had my kinetico since 2003. Love it.
  4. Sonicrunch

    Watch out for crazy boaters!!

    Wait until your kids get older. More weight will really sling them around. FUN!!
  5. Sonicrunch

    Mattress help needed

    Wow. I'm surprised. I had previously heard nothing but bad reviews about the sleep number beds.
  6. Sonicrunch

    A Start???

    It only kills zeebs? Hmmmmm.
  7. Sonicrunch

    going fishing somewhere

    Awesome. I want to go there this weekend to try for some northern/bass/muskie.
  8. Sonicrunch

    going fishing somewhere

    Smaller western lakes? Western as in western MN or western metro?
  9. It needs wings. Then it will be complete.
  10. Sonicrunch

    Using Ice Jigs during open water season

    If you use an ice jig in the summer it will melt.
  11. Sonicrunch

    Promiscuous Fishing

    you better have some evidence of that.
  12. Sonicrunch

    How not to launch your boat.

    Free carwash.
  13. Sonicrunch

    Anybody ever see a Mystery Tackle Box?

    It's carp.
  14. Sonicrunch

    I must have one of these rigs for Ice fishing!

    Snowcat. They had one in "The Shining" I want one too. I still like that Russian balloon tire thing better though.