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  1. Our 1996 Sable is on its last legs. Going to junk it or donate it. Can I put the new battery from it into a 2005 Corolla. I think it would fit physically (it would be tight), but would this larger battery hurt the alternator or anything else on the Corolla?
  2. I have an older (10-12 years) Kenwood surround sound system. I used to run my cable through a VCR and I could get surround sound from tv shows this way. Now I have a digital HD modem and the tv is directly connected to it. The surround sound receiver doesn't have HDMI connections. Is there a way to hook it up to get surround sound while watching tv or do I need to get a newer surround sound receiver?
  3. Hookmaster

    Handle type on truck topper

    Thanks for the replies. I went with the double handle which is what I have now. Yes I know about keeping the locks lubed. Dust from a dirt roads can make them turn hard also. I also ordered the side opening window on each side. This is the same set up I have on my old truck and has served me well.
  4. Hookmaster

    Pickup For Hauling Ice Fishing Gear

    My old truck is a 2004 Silverado 1500 Z71 crew cab, cloth seats, ARE topper, Line-X bedliner and Westin Platinum (chrome-plated stainless steel) nerf bars. 183,000 miles and still going strong. Just put about 4,000 on this fall hunting. If I would wash the bedliner with a detergent and the nerf bars well they would look close to new. The topper is in very good shape except for the nicks I put in it. It has been solid mechanically with the rear door and access windows on each side. I couldn't get my newest 6 foot fish house in it so I would carry that in the snowmobile trailer. Kind of a pain if the lakes are drive-able because the covered trailer tows like a sailboat. I don't need the crewcab anymore (kids are grown) so my new truck is a 2015 Silverado 1500 buddy cab. The fish house will fit in this one. I just ordered an ARE topper, Westin Platinum nerf bars and a Line-X bedliner. I expect the same performance out of them as the ones on my old truck. The truck has cloth seats (leather is cold/slippery in the winter and hot in the summer, but does have seat heaters. I wouldn't do the box extension thing because the road salt will etch the poles/hardware on the fish house. When I bought the 2004 crew cab, it was one of the first years they were out. Now they are almost more popular than the extended cab. I would say stick with the LT, not the LTZ,
  5. I am buying a new topper for my truck. The woman said it comes standard with the single handle in the middle of the window with the metal rods that go across to each corner. I asked her about the two handles, one in each lower corner of the glass. She said the single handle design is more secure. What is everyone's thoughts or experiences. I have never tried to break into one so I don't know, but would think the two handle design is more secure.
  6. Hookmaster

    Toilet won't flush

    I finally got to the toilet last weekend. No gurgling from the bathroom sink or bathtub when flushing so I didn't think the vent pipe was clogged. The holes under the rim of the bowl were wide open. I took off the water tank and looked in there. There was some cellophane plastic in the hole that leads to the rim of the bowl. Scratch the head on that one. I removed the plastic, put the water tank back on and it flushes like a champ. The plastic came off the label on the 2-liter bottle I put in the tank to take up space to reduce the amount of water per flush. This toilet is from the '60s so it has about a 5 gallon water tank.
  7. Hookmaster

    Toilet won't flush

    I used to use the toilet tablets but haven't for a few years. The performance changed overnight, so I am betting a piece of the flapper fell off and went down the hole. I am going to look at it tonight or tomorrow morning.
  8. Hookmaster

    Toilet won't flush

    Yesterday one of the toilets in the upstairs of my house started not to flush. It's not acting like when my son clogs it up with a healthy one. What I mean is the bowl doesn't fill up with water and just sit there. The water level in the bowl doesn't change very much and the water in the tank drains very slowly with some bubbles coming out of the hole that the flapper covers up. I tried flushing by dumping water in the bowl and it seemed to flush OK. I've never seen this before. Any ideas? Vent clogged? The toilet in the basement that is on the same vent (I believe) flushes OK but that is 2 stories down from the toilet in question.
  9. Looking at a used car for my daughter. 2013 Corollas have a 4-speed automatic transmission while the 2014 have a CVT. Any negatives on the CVT? Are they as reliable as the 4-speed auto? My research says they can have higher rpms at times and don't feel like a normal transmission shifting but get 2-3 mph more.
  10. 2004 Silverado Z-71 with 175,000 miles. The ABS has activated for about 1 second on 4 different occasions. One was backing out of my driveway, the other 3 were pulling into a parking spot. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?
  11. Hookmaster

    Odometer display blank

    My driver information light works by my PRND32L doesn't.
  12. Hookmaster

    Who still prints from 35mm negatives?

    I dropped off the negative at National Camera today. Thank you.
  13. I need to have a print made from a 35mm film negative? I have no idea where to look so I thought guys in this forum might. It is for an obituary. Otherwise call National Camera?
  14. Hookmaster

    Samsung smart tv's

    I recently bought a 40 inch Samsung smart tv. When hooking it up for the first time, it asked to update to the latest software. Maybe your's needs a software update. This can be done through wifi or a usb drive.
  15. Hookmaster

    Odometer display blank

    Where did you have the bulbs replaced?