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  1. I saw a rig like this up in Baudette this year, It looked like the clear deal!
  2. I will turn around and go home if I forget my lowrance. with mine its dual duty boat and ice, so if anyone is worried about investment you can figure its half the cost. (thats what i tell my wife lol)
  3. 243, for the fact that the ammo is cheap. Could save you a lot of money over a couple years of use.
  4. Farm Island for me!
  5. I have ordered some electronics from them. Good staff and very knowledgeable . Plus, with the online order you do not have to pay tax.
  6. I glue down a piece of styrofoam for the filler, shape it with a rasp and sand paper to where I want it. Then use a plaster of paris over the foam and skull to eliminate any lines or uneveness, then sand again. Does anyone else do this? It sure seems like a soft filler would be way easier! and quicker!
  7. I scratch in the depths on the underside of the lip. Have used an ingraver, but a paper clip works better.
  8. shintz

    First Fish!

    Thanks to all for the replies. This is going to be a picture to remember. Children are amazing, and it is even greater when they are your own!!!!!!
  9. shintz

    First Fish!

    Hey everyone. I just thought that I would post this pick of my son's first fish. He is 2, and caught it on a hand line pole. He said, " daddy, bobber gone" and started walking the other way from the hole, with a little coaxing form me it was on the ice. I still cannot believe that he wanted to hold it.
  10. Yes they will, I just recently did the same thing with an XML rod from cabelas. Ask them politly if you can buy your reel back and they might even sell it to you for next to nothing. I had an abu garcia and I really liked it so I wanted it back. I actually got mine back for free due to an error at the register, the service lady said here you go, merry Christmas. Has anyone else had a problem with XML rod tips breaking? Nice combos for the money though!
  11. I have a king cab 4-door tacoma and my Yukon just barley fits, but I can get the tailgate up.
  12. Quote: Just my opinion, but if it is a problem now, it will be much much worse when and if you get married. Well Put, Very wise words of wisdom. Listen to HIM!
  13. I would greatly appreciate a copy for your fishing log. Thank You Sir. sammy20acatyahoodotcom
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