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  1. If camping like that is important to you, you may want to find some lower maintance side action.
  2. Thanks for all your comments. I'll give Marcum a call.
  3. Here's where I'm at. This is my second season with the vx-1 and I'm a twice per week ice fisherman, so it has seen a fair amount of time on the ice. My cord seems to be plum to me and is always below the ice. The points that you all have made are definetly things that I have ruled out. So from the responses that I am seeing here, I am leaning towand a faulty flasher? On the other hand I'm thinking that maybe I'm asking for too much out of my cheaper flasher and a higher end flasher would get me the sensitivity that I am looking for?
  4. Yes, I do notice that the heavier jigs and the horizontal jigs throw a better signal. Also when I jig a vertical jig I can see it flutter back down. I don't want to fish a certain kind of jig just because it is the only one my flasher will see.
  5. Right now I own a vx-1 and I have always had an issue with it not being able to consistantly read my small panfish jigs in water deeper than 20ft.(unless the gain is way up, but then I get interference with other flashers nearby) I'm not talking walleye jigs or even small jigs with a minnow on, I'm talking about number 8 to 12 jigs with two or three eurolarve on. Is this an issue with all the flashers or will an upgrade to a higher end model fix this issue? If this is fixed with a higher end model, which one would do the best job with this? LX-3, LX-5, or FL18, FL20. Please don't turn this into another Marcum vs Vexilar discussion. Thanks, Shawn
  6. I have one that I am selling if your looking for another. I want to upgrade to a lx-5.
  7. Good friend and I hiked 4 miles on Saturday afternoon, camped overnight and continued with 2 more miles to finish the trip Sunday morning. It was the coldest night either of us has spent in the woods -7, but not our first time winter camping. We have done a couple of 20 deg. nights in past years. Wanted to share the great sense of accomplishment that is felt when you wake up in the morning and you are still nice and toasty. Definetly feels good when a well planned trip works out with no big surprises. If you have been thinking about a night like this, get it done. Just make sure you prepare.
  8. Quote: For optimum perfomance and avoid interference, you are going to want to have separtate trolling motor and depthfinder batteries. Is this true? I have the fisheasy 2 protable kit and was considering converting this to a boat only model. (Then I can get a new one for ice fishing ) I only have the one deep cycle though and was just going to hook it up with the trolling motor.
  9. When I run into this type of light bite, I will actually remove my ice buster and use the knot as a bobber. I prop my pole up so it is sitting 6 inches or so off the ice and have the knot almost touching the water. If I see it touch the water I have a bite. By leaving the tip above the water, I can verify the bite by lowering the tip. If the line stays, there is a fish on.
  10. I have to agree. I bought a pair of Carhartt bibs last year and from December to March they are always on when I'm outside, fishing or not. By far the best purchase I've made in a long time.
  11. Sorry JEV, but in my opinion you can't complain about it and do nothing about it. Call the TIP Line!!!! Shawn
  12. Question to all. What about filling a 5lb tank from a 20? Cost for me to fill up a 5lb four times is more than filling a 20lb once. The only thing is I really like using my smaller tank because I can then lift my shack in and out of my jeep without removing the tank. Is there a safe process for this??? Thanks - Shawn
  13. I have to agree with Dan. I have a guide and have removed one of the seets and moved the other closer to the center. This makes an excellant one man house. Even though it is a little small for a two man, all I have to do is move the chair and attach the other and I can fish with a friend. Weight is another big plus of this shack. I am not a very big man, and I can still lift the shack, loaded, into the back of my jeep. Also, if I am going to pull it across the lake I don't have a heart attach. (Like my friend with a Frabil) I know the guide wasn't on your list, but you may want to check it out.
  14. Walleyeguy31 - About how much meet will this marinade? I'v always just cut strips ,marinaded them in store bought seasoning for two or three days and then hang them in the oven and cook them at 190deg. for about and hour. Any hotter and they will burn. Also, never trust your stove, get a thermometer to hang in there. I have always like this, but I enjoy experimenting with new recipies once and awhile.
  15. Seems like something I say often on the water or ice.
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