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  1. im looking for that spreadsheet one of the members made that acts as a fishing log, he would send it to email addresses when someone asked for them can anyone help? thanks tim
  2. like everyone has said your best bet is to go to a pro shop... theres more to just the lenght of the bow, for her to shoot trully accurate the spine of the arrow also plays a huge role. it would take me a whole page to explain and define the flex and why it is important but going to a pro shop would make it much easier on you... lenght wise however depending on the type of rest, you can cut arrows an inch to an inch and a half shorter than the draw length especailly if she is shooting feild tips only at the moment because 40 is the minium draw weight you can hunt with in many states
  3. after reading things online and talking to a few pro's i found out the grip is molded to be comfortable at full draw giving in a better point of pivot after arrows is released resulting in better shots, many bows are changing grips now, finding that it does influence the shot
  4. just like everyone else said go get fitted for your draw length at a shop, talk to the pro but don't let him sell you on one bow. Alot of people are huge brand name followers and will try and sell you on that brand name. Another important factor when just beggining in bow hunting is the brace height of the bow. Your going to want to look for a bow with a largr brace hieght (as close to 7 as possible or even higher) as these bows are much more forgiving with an unsteady hand. Plus you said you had a bum shoulder so that may help as well. Most importantly you must shoot every bow your intersted in, its just like a car take the one that feels comfortable and fits you best. Any more questions just let me know, bow hunting is amazing ive been doing it for ten years now and nothing compares
  5. anyone buy this bow or hear anything about it, im thinking about getting one for a grad present, i shot it the other day and it was silky smooth and quiet, just wondering what other people thought of it though
  6. http://photos-596.ll.facebook.com/photos-ll-sctm/v157/4/36/45800596/n45800596_32924071_5878.jpg
  7. The pups been kickin butt in multiple retrives with dummys and ducks i bring home after a morning shoot, i want to introduce him to the gun, whats the best way to do it?
  8. haha mine does the same thing,hes almost 5 months old now and when we go for walks in the woods hes off the leash but i never let him get out of shootin range even if im not caring a gun so i always get there before he can really get alot down
  9. would it be ok to take him on a dove hunt? hes got all the basics down he comes to hand on retrieves comes back to the whistle sits and stays but has never had a gun shot over the top of him. Would it be to big of a jump to go straight to the dove hunt?
  10. Barracuda Ill Advised Tug (tug for short)
  11. im with muc here i read this forum daily as well and ive even tried to follow in your footsteps and catch a few cats of my own...even though i know little about and spend most of my time on the miss catchin walleyes. so far ive ben completly unsuccessful but the antisapation is awesomee...ahaha we've tried atleast 4-5 different times and each time we swear we wont do it again... but each time i come back here and read the stories we change our minds and try it again... you guys do a great job, thanks
  12. my buddy and i are going to try and chance some of these monsters down in the winona area on the ole miss. Can anyone give us some help on bait selection, location, depth, set up, or anything to maybe help us get ontop of some of this fun action i keep reading about... thanks tim
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