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  1. I use a 17 inch flat screen (not to expensive!) with a built in DVD player for the kids. It also works great when fishing if you have a camera to throw down and hook up to the tv. No small screen to strain the eyes. Fun to watch too! I have a 110 set up so I have to use the generator most of the time but also use an invertor for the 12 volt sometimes to keep the noise down. The tv is mounted on a swivel arm so it can move easily and save space when not in use.
  2. Just wondering if others are having the same crazy ups and downs as our hunting camp is having with Lou Cornicelli's management plan. Four years ago we were intensive plus a early doe season (7), then we dropped the next year to managed (2), then back to intensive (5) and now we have dropped into the lottery (1). This whole deal seems to suggest that the DNR either really has no idea what the real deer numbers are or they have a strategy in mind that they don't like to tell us up front. I think that Lou drank the Kool Aid and has bitten on the big bucks are the only thing worth hunting trend. Maybe next year we will be like the bear hunters and be lucky to get drawn for a tag at all. Not sure where this whole big buck craze is going but I'm sure you'll be able to watch all about it on the hunting channel brought to you by your favorite professional hunter!!!!
  3. Nancy Boy!!!!!! Cake Eater!!!!!! Bite your red tongue Nolte.
  4. I know it's only Tuesday but I can't wait to see what gets posted this week about this series. I'm sure these two teams are going to come out tighter than a snare drum to open things up on Friday, but the Gophs need to ramp things up a bit on that back up net minder for Bucky. Put up a crooked number and hope that Briggs remembers how big a series this is too!!!

    Bad news for Bucky!!!

    I don't know if anyone else has heard this but I guess the National Weather service had to put out a warning for the State of Wisconsin. Apparently some thin air and lots of pressure have moved in that could lead to choking!! Sounds serious. Just joking cheese lovers. I can't wait for the weekend series. I really hope that Denver doesn't pull a fast one and move ahead of both the Gophs and Wisconsin. That would be pretty hard to take!!
  6. I take out my 7 year old daughter and she is learning fast how to do it all. I don't have to take fish off the hook or bait for her at all. She even uses my Vex without problems anymore. I also have a friend with a four year old phenom of a fishermen who could teach the adults a thing or two. You have to pass on the tradition to get the young blood involved. It's almost more fun for me to see someone get a nice fish or maybe their first deer ever. It keeps things exciting for the older guys around, and I'm not even that old.

    Gophers Vs Tigers

    The Gophers are too big on scoring forwards to ever produce a great goalie who makes it beyond college. Score lots and try to get back on defense if you miss. I love the Gophs till the bitter end but sometimes it frustrates me that they lack on defense in key moments of the game. Even when they do have a great defenseman he is usually a scorer on special teams like Leupold. A big trigger man like Leupold would be nice to have on the current team as well.

    Bad news for Bucky!!!

    buzzsaw--that's awesome!!!

    Bad news for Bucky!!!

    I guess my solid cheddar voodoo doll with the Badgers jersey finally paid off!! Not that I want to see someone get hurt seriously or anything but the Gophs need all the help they can get to catch the cheese people. They still have a strong team without Elliot.
  10. FUZZER

    Gophers Vs Tigers

    Just a question to throw out to everyone. Does anyone see the need for the gophs to stick to one goalie? I realize that the young Mr. Frazee is the future between the pipes, but I also believe that Briggs has the experience to take them to a title. Briggs has played in some big games and I personally would like to see them stick to one guy for now. Let Briggs get the hot hand hopefully and ride it out! Just my two cents I guess.
  11. Its easy -- connect the doo-hicky to the thing-a-ma-jig and place that in the watch-a-ma-callit and there you have it -- a watch-a-ma-jig-a-doodle!!! Used one many times with great success.
  12. FUZZER

    Big weekend!

    It really hurts to have to say nice things about the cheese people -- but Wisconsin is tough this year. We'll see when playoffs role around who's the boss of the WCHA!! Go Gophers!!! Maybe St. Cloud State--not!!
  13. Congrats on the new addition. I have two daughters age 3 and 7 and they love the outdoors just like their dad! My 7 year old thinks she's Al Linder already but I guess she's already caught a crappie bigger (14") than any I have so maybe she's onto something. Maybe I'll start having her take me on trips instead of the other way around.
  14. FUZZER

    Big weekend!

    Nice walleye Pier!! I'm going to have to say though that the Gophs are going to trample the Sioux. The Sioux will do like always and come out banging the boards with Gophers and then fizzle in the end!!!! I always look forward to these games I must say, but then again I look forward to them all.
  15. I have an 11-87 in the light contour version. It really cuts down on the weight of the gun. I've had the gun for 6 years and have never been let down. As stated in the earlier post--keep it clean and the gun should never jam up unless you run into a shell problem.
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