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  1. I just came back from LOW and had no luck on the zip. Caught a ton of fish, just none on the zip.
  2. Anybody have luck using Zip lures this year thru the ice??????????
  3. Feldy, there is a transducer that can mount on the outside of the hull like any other locater.
  4. If you have a fleet farm near you they may be able to hook you up for a better price then going to the factory. I got my battery for $12.oo on sale with a basic charger. I looked at getting a boat set-up last year and they where alot less than what is posted on the Marcum site. Frozen
  5. When fishing in water 20' or more, does a person tie a swivel snap onto a spoon? I'm thinking that the spoon will realy twist the line on the way down. Any comments and experiences would be appreciated.....
  6. One more thing. Before I bought my Lx-3 I looked to forums like this one. I had not heard of the unit as everyone was using vex's in my area, I was going to compare fl-8s and fl-18s. This open and honest info turned me to look at this unit. To all those out there who where replying last year to a similar thread ...........Thanks
  7. Love the LX-3. Fished next to my dad who has and FL-8 in 35' of H2o. My sonar screwed him up, no effect on mine. Keep the bubble pack to store your transducer in and always lay it on it's side so as not damage the bottom. I had an initally bad unit that had it's contol board go on it. Rep. at Marcum said they had some bad boards and would give you difficulties and strange readings. My readings where all messed up and the surface indicater was off center. This may be the problem with the previous post not being able to knock out the interference. Had company warrenty the unit and have loved it since. Dad can't wait to move up.
  8. Any idea's on where to start?? Are the sleepers only on the big lakes??
  9. Thanks for correcting my knowledge of the Night bite. Just posting what I was told....Eyes' are mostly nonexistant at night on LOW according to you, and I would be after eyes' when looking for a sleeper.........
  10. I, understand there is no night bite on Lake of the woods. I am interested in the lakes of Winnie and up not including Lake of the woods. I fish that thru a lodge in the NW angle. Thanks
  11. What lakes offer sleeper ice houses in northern Minnesota???
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