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  1. My friend had a mister heater cooker that did what sounds like a similar thing, his tank had been over filled, I don't know about a tank freezing and causing this sort of problem but when it gets very cold I do know that the liquid can't vaporize fast enough to burn, but that is a different problem. Mark
  2. I believe I got mine at the C store in rogers 3 or 4 years ago. Also think I saw them at f.f. early in the season like 3 weeks ago
  3. The one I saw at the ice show. Snowmobile cargo system. It was if I remember 4 bolts to put on and off, I really like it but could afford it this year maybe next. mark
  4. thanks for all your help. according to woodys web site it looks like 72 for trail riding and 96 for intermidate riding and it showed me the pattern for both. all I need to do now is decide which I want to install. Thanks again. Mark
  5. I'm new to this sport so please help. I have a 98 Indy 500 I add plastic skis w/ dual carbides. The three friends that got me into riding have very different opinions on if/or how many studs I need to add to the track. one says I don't need stud, one says 48 is enough, the last guy says a min. of 96 if not 144. Your opinions please. Thanks Mark
  6. My wife and I have a very nice agreement. What ever she epends on her hobbies(scrapbooking stamping etc.) I can spend on mine. We don't keep real close track or argue about it. In fact, She bought my jason mitchell crappie rod for me and it wasn't a present! I think I might be ahead Full gunsafe,boat,atv I love that Woman.
  7. I own an otter cabin and I love ever aspect of it. That being said I start with just the sled for my pulling out my gear and added the top many years later. The cabin is a great single man house but tight 2 man although I'm not a little guy. If I were to start over I would go up to the next larger otter. But It definetly will be an otter! If it fits in what you drive and your wallet I'd move up a size. Mark
  8. I would use either the glue Jim talked about.[i used the same product I bought from otter for hole repair] I also am sure that contact cement will work if you have a warm space [above 50 degrees] to work in. FYI contact cement can be very messy. use masking tape to make a straight line for your pockets. I did this on a canvas tent on the window flaps to hold on velcro strips and it held for the entire life of the tent,of course this is only summer usage. good luck Mark
  9. I used an 8" t hinge. I cut the long part off and drill a new hole for the hitch. Then I used two U bolts to attach the Flat part to the round bar.I pull my otter cabin with this. I started with a 6" hinge but that twisted going over rough terain. I haven't had the 8" tested yet Good luck. Mark
  10. Hanson, I believe you forgot the last part. PRICELESS
  11. I got rid of my 10' auger this year and went to an 8". 3 reasons. 1.weight about 12 pounds less. 2.a vexliar fits down a 10" hole luckly I did manage to catch it before it when all the way down. 3. A adult foot or a small child fit in a 10" hole resulting in a severely sprained ankle(yes it hurt) or a very wet child. GET THE 8" PERIOD.
  12. My opinon buy a 6.5x14 so you can just drive the rig on no need to unhook. my friend has one it's slick. wished I had that instead of a 2 place. he can unload and load in about 3 minutes!
  13. I'm trying to see the up side. since I was slow getting my gear down from the rafters I won't have to put it back up there.
  14. pfd are not just for summer time. I personally chose to wear mine on the ice till there is a good 6 plus inches of ice. but I can't swim. Mark
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