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  1. UPDATE I did a little more wrenchin and FINALLY got it running. I think the ground was bad. Still could use some tweaking but it RUNS!
  2. Originally Posted By: NorthlanderI didnt get any pics yet. My e-mail is below of course. Looks as though AOL blocked it. I sent them at 10:35PM Monday according to my sent box. Subject: 90 Jag AFS From: [email protected] Date: Mon, February 25, 2008 10:32 pm To: [email protected] I'll send again.
  3. UPDATE I did a little more wrenchin and FINALLY got it running. I think the ground was bad. Still could use some tweaking but it RUNS! 1990 ArcticCat JAG AFS. 440 motor. Electric Start 3290 miles. $500 Firm I am selling my "shack hauler". I only used this to haul my Otter Lodge ice fishing. It sat inside for the last two years due to a move and I bought a new sled for trail riding. This December, I started it and it ran but had a low end bog. Now I can't get it to "pop". I just don't have the time and effort to get this sled running. I rebuilt and cleaned both the carb and fuel pump. I also replaced the fuel lines and plugs. Stator and CDI checked out OK voltage wise. Starter is strong and cranks hard. If you are handy, this is a great sled for hauling your shack. It pulled strong when it ran. It has a new seat on it and it is PERFECT. New battery January-08 (electric start) Track is ok. Plastic ski skins, new wear bars and after market TALL windshield from Dennis Kirk . New rear shocks 3 years ago. Cover included Tank Bag w/map window Tow rings installed on bumper OFFICIAL Arctic Cat service manual (Prowler and AFS models) Clymers service manual (90-98 sleds) I can help with delivery within reason. I am in Burnsville (Cliff and Cedar) I have a PDF with this info and pictures! I will forward PDF to address's given here.
  4. Quote: sweet thanks! NO prob. Still waiting for my software and card reader. Let me know how the "install" goes. Please!
  5. Quote: Does the Lakemaster chip have trails on it?? If not, is there a way to get trails on the Lowrance units??? North of Grand Rapids this weekend and I want to use the gps if I can! Thanks, Brent Here you go! He updates it and posts at JohnDee (Contact Us Please). GPSSledmaps
  6. Where did you buy the c-clips from Gus?
  7. Admin can this be made sticky? Great info for people looking for a lighting solution.
  8. satnu

    Bad news for Bucky!!!

    Quote: Buzz I saw the finals but, I didn't see any gophs hoisting trophies last year. Maybe I missed it. Where's Bucky, same place the gophs were except a couple games earlier. Lets not give me some rant about the gophs going back to back a couple years earlier either. That would pretty much be a case of "the pot calling the kettle black", as much as you rib on the cheese for doing it in football. On Elliot, bummer deal but he should be back. They also have a pretty talented group and I expect them to be able to hold their own. Plus if they do very well with the rookie tender, when Elliot returns they will have a ton of confidence. So turn down the Air Supply in your Beamer, and chant Go Bucky. I know you want to. Oh yeah and 15 years is a LONG time! And still counting! Now go back to yer chevy and flip on Willie!tahee
  9. satnu

    Bad news for Bucky!!!

    Quote: Oh look a Badger sighting...... ewwww Great Pic! This will hit my goldennation.blogspot after JBSU sweeps them this weekend! Go Goph's!
  10. Quote: Ok my original question was how to stud a track not whether I should do it or not. I don't want a debate started here on if is should or shouldn't be done. I don't want a sled that fishtales I don't plan to used it for alot of trail riding as I said it's purpose is for pulling my fish house as I have stated in previous posts. I don't want the sled sliding all over the place when pulling my house. I have to much invested in equipment with the house and equipment in inside to be screwing around making my sled slide all over the place. LOOK HERE!!!!!!!!
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