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  1. I was introduced to Panko on this site and have been using it ever since. Panko is a crumb that keeps the fish very crunchy it can be found near the baking products and the Corn Flake crumbs. I set up three bowls, the fish is dipped into the bowls in this order before it hits the oil. Seasoning (shore lunch or your favorite)egg, and then Panko.
  2. Thanks for the quick responses. She is just starting, will most likely be taking pictures of the kids (at the rink, in the house, and where she feels they are being cute) She wants the Rebel xsi with a 55-250 lens f/4-5.6. From what I have read it seems like an good place to start. I was hoping to get at least a up to a 300mm but not sure if image stabilizing is available or neccesary, or if the 250mm would be fine. Regardless it will be nice to move into SLR. Thanks BL
  3. My bride is in the market...she has been told an image stabilizing lens is needed. Help?
  4. These rocks are calcium deposits called otoliths or ear stones. Most fish have them... they are part of the inner ear of the fish and much like the human inner ear helps with balance or in the fishes case pitch and yaw.
  5. What knot is the best at holding a horizontal jig (L/A Optics for example) horizontal. Usually, I fish a 2-4 lb. flourocarbon line and I have trouble keeping the jig at right angle to my line. Thanks B.L.
  6. My vote is against artic spurs. They work nice but are sharp. Easy to tear holes in your bibs. I am also afraid the four wheeler seat may follow.
  7. Has anybody fabricated/purchased a push broom attachment (not a motor powered sweeper). Cycle country has one, but it is spendy. I currently plow fine with a 50" Moose. However, the combination of small snowfalls and old crappy asphalt a broom, seems like it may work better. P.S. Very steep long drive way that must be cleared even after small snowfalls. Any thoughts or experiences. Thanks B.L.
  8. CCarlson, What is the recommended choke to use with the Hevi Loads. Does it pattern similar to steel or lead.
  9. BlueLiner

    TV Coverage

    FSN has changed programming! Both Friday west regional games will be on live on FSN. The regional final on Saturday will be delayed on FSN following the Wild game, but my understanding is that it will be live on ESPNU. P.S. www.gopherpucklive.com is a great source for all puck related stuff.
  10. Let down, no way! They will keep rolling. Should be a fun tonight: senoir night, Mc Noughton and the all important DQ cup presentations. I hope they can light up Iassac I want to hear the Funnel chant.
  11. BlueLiner


    Thanks for the input guy's. I went with the OEM windshield, the bear logo looked to sharp to pass up. I am happy getting a quality product made locally by Sport Tec. Next question.. Has anyone used an automotive type spot mirror (with the double sided tape) on the back side of the sheild. It seems like a cost effective accessory but, I am not sure I want tape on the new sheild.
  12. BlueLiner


    Dave, does the break away mounts simplify removing the sheild for trailering (atv facing backwards). Or is it not designed to be removed on a regular basis via these mounts.
  13. BlueLiner


    Hello Everyone, Looking to add a shield to the Grizzly. I have looked at the Quad boss fairing as well as the Yamaha fairing and Bear logo windshield. I was told by the Yamaha dealer that the aftermarket shield does not fit or look as good as the Yamaha products. The Yamaha fairing less $$ than the Quad Boss but on back order. Any experiences, Thanks.
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