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  1. I normally hunt water that i can wade in so i can put my decoys out. but i want to get out a little farther but the water is to deep. i hunt mallards and its really hard to put my decoys in the formation i want from the boat. is there a easier way like having 6-8 decoys connected to one large string. any info will help.
  2. i have a quick question. do you guys repaint your decoys every year or two or do the little paint chips and scratches not bother the geese. I have the greenhead brand and the flocked heads seam to get little scratches and dings.
  3. : SA/wdw Sartell Angler i know where this exactly is my grandma lives like a mile away from here and they sit in this slough every year. as for snowgoose hunting. I just moved away from SD a year and a half ago so i know all the farmers and spots are. i personally like to decoy them in but it's always fun too pass shoot. while decoying i like to use 6 shot steel because they often get close and 4 and 2 ruin them. and you can get 2 or even 3 birds in one shot often. i also like to go to a slough or lake that there sitting at and bring 2 doz canadian honks. scare them up throw them out reel quick and have a ball. you can often shoot at that same flock of 5,000 birds or so for an hour. ( might want to laern to load fast ) sometimes you'll get such a stupid flock that they'll fly right in land and then you can stand up and shoot and they'll often not fly. but it's fun every year weather it's fall or spring ang bring tons of shells maybe see you driven around i'll be out there the whole first week of april. good luck huntin.
  4. i have a question on my aqua-vu. every time i want to turn mine on you have to turn it on and then off like 5-6 times till it turns on. do your guys aqua-vus do that also.
  5. i have an old schmidt can from the late 60's early 70's got it from the bottom of the drink.
  6. i have a ? do they help with tip-up fishing for northerns.
  7. don't know if its baitfish prolly bullhead. the lake is covered with those. as for walleyes it is a great lake. my uncle has a cabin on it and in the summer i'll fish it prolly 5-6 times. ( don't know about the winter ) but in the summer i mostly troll bottom bouncers and spinners with crawlers. catch alot of bullheads but when a walleye hits it there big. my biggest in there is a 31 in. 10 pounder. in the spring i like to pitch jigheads and crankbaits. can't tell you where i nail these fish ( family secret )
  8. not yet the season for walleye,bass,northern, and muskies ends the 25th of Feb. correct me if im wrong
  9. I was thinking about taking my son and daughter on our first ice fishing trip and had a few questions I would like help with. First off would like to rent a sleeper and stay on the lake. Would you go to Upper Red Lake or Milacs for a trip? Or is there some place better? Which would be a better option to catch a few fish. Also what resorts or rental places would you recommend to use and what time of the winter would be best to go. Any input would be helpful. Thanks.
  10. just because the lake is shallow doesnt mean it doesnt have big fish in it. i moved here from South Dakota 2 years ago and all the lakes there are 20 or even shallower than 15 feet deep and it seems like they all have way more monster walleyes than the big deep lakes. same thing goes with the perch there theres lots of sloughs there that are no bigger than 60/70 acres and hold 13/15 inchers and most are only 6/7 feet deep. one of my favorite lakes there was pelican lake near watertown it was only 6 feet deep max and considerable sized lake every time you pulled up a walleye it be at least 4 to 5 pounds and every year theres a couple 10 pounders pulled out of there. also the last time the lake was stocked was in '97.
  11. I too was on O'dowd on sunday around 13"-14" inches. saw to vehicles goin proubly 30-35 mph and the one was right behind the other. pretty stupid if you ask me. they stopped a little more than 100 yards away from me and when they got out they were teenagers.
  12. i use one of those insulated bait buckets by frabill. works good just put it in a 5 gallon bucket and in the back of the pick-up it goes. splashes minimal (through the areater hole in the lid) but thats why sits in a 5 gal. bucket. also in the summer works great.
  13. for my h2o c i just use a camera case and mine has two extra pockets on it. i use those for batteries, gps chips,ext. works great. does anybody know if they make a plastic case or hard case that you can put on your h2o incase you drop it and scratch the screen.
  14. they had a thing at the ice fishing show and to me they look a little cheezy. and they were quite expensive.
  15. in shakopee yesterday it was 1.85
  16. you still might have your h2o still in easy mode. you can change to advanced mode by going to menu and simply go down to advanced mode and change it. in advance mode you can mark POI right where you are or where you scroll to.
  17. when fishing for walleyes with chuby darters do you guys bait it with a minnow head or anything for scent or just fish it plain
  18. that might be hard though being that they suspend and during the day when iv'e seen them they only stay around for a little bit.
  19. i have three crappies stuffed and mounted right now. the biggest one is 16 1/2" incher the second one is 16" incher and the third fish is 14 3/4" inches. the third fish is kind of small but i wanted three fish mounted on a piece of drift wood so i got the littler one stuffed. but it looks neat now all i need is a giant 20 pound northern chasing them with its mouth wide open
  20. I also hate that. i normally bring a flat head screwdriver with. and after puling those out a couple times your fingers get raw.
  21. i have never seen a fish on my scout 2 after dark. the vex says there down there but i cant see them. and the only way you would be able to see one when its dark is if shines off the lights. also when the dark starts to set in it seems like the little water bugs or what ever those things are, are attracted to the lights so all in all its hard to see at night but works great dureing the day.
  22. I too have the scout 2 and i won't fish without it mine came with the temp guage. I got lucky with that bonus
  23. ok i have a question on where the walleyes sit on drop offs. i know that fishing the base of a drop off is where they like to sit. but what if the base of the drop off is 50 feet will the walleyes suspend off that or will they sit that far down. and towards night will they swim up 20 or 30 feet to feed at night. or would they more than likly sit at the top of the drop off ( 21') thanks for the info.
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