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  1. Shot this little guy out west today in 20 mile an hour winds and 7° air temp, little chilly. Did a spot and stalk and took him at 350 yards with a 20 mile an hour cross wind, sometimes better to be lucky than good!!!
  2. I was hunting in northern Colorado on public land last week when I encountered this 5x5 bull. We called him into 14 yards while he was trailing a cow. The cow ended up spooking when she winded my hunting partner, the bull was staring me down at the time. Right as the cow spooked the bull jumped and started to run, without thinking I drew my bow in hopes that he would stop for a split second. He did stop, and I drilled him right in the boiler room. Elk hunting is a game of preparation meeting opportunity, it truly is amazing when it all finally comes together. Awesome experience.
  3. I am looking at going to Ontario for a moose hunt next fall (2015). Just trying to get some recommendations for places that maybe you've been or heard of that are good. I have talked to Showalter's and they seem pretty good, along with a couple other places. I know it will be around $4500-5000. Any experiences???
  4. Page 59 of the hunting regs for expandable broadheads "no more than 2 inches in width at or after impact" -- Might have to be careful if you bought the new Rage Extreme, I believe they are 2.3" wide???
  5. I was chosen for alternate on the Shorewood hunt also, I wonder if I will actually get to hunt at all?
  6. My son was drawn for the lake Alexander youth archery hunt at the nature conservancy area! He is pretty excited, so am I. Just wondering if anyone out there has hunted the area and has any tips for us. Sounds like we are not supposed to do any scouting prior to the orientation day. Any info is much appreciated, thanks.
  7. Still available? I have an eight year old female ESS that would love some company in her kennel and out in the field chasing pheasants.
  8. I bought my Reezen new 2 years ago for $680. That price isn't a huge discount. I do like the bow, and shoot it very well, some say they is some kind of hand shock, I really can't say that there is at all. The price of the bow is just about half of what it will cost to get all the other stuff. Site $100, arrow rest $150, D-loop and peep $15, stabilizer $50, quiver $75, arrows $150-200, broadheads $100, target $50, archery elk hunt in Colorado...priceless. I truly enjoy bowhunting and you really don't need the latest and greatest bow, speeds have really leveled out now around 300 fps, and they all make noise that the deer will hear. I would recommend a good used switchback XT with all the stuff on it, you could probably pick that up for $400. I was really looking at the new Hoyt carbon element with the RKT cams, not really much faster or really that much quieter than my reezen, just practice a lot with whatever you end up buying.
  9. We fished up there 3 years ago. Pulled the boats all the way up there. The fishing was just OK near the resort. When we ventured to the east, we did really well, but it was about a 30 minute boat ride, but well worth it. If you have a map, I could show you specifics. I did catch a 40" northern just a couple hundred yards from the camp.
  10. I took this muley out in Colorado on public land. I stalked him up a mountain, climbed out onto a rock ledge and took him at 65 yards, it was all the closer I could possibly get. It was quite the adventure.
  11. Any recommendations for a winch and plow for a Yamaha Grizzly 700?
  12. I'll come over and pick up whatever Mike A doesn't want. Let me know, thanks much. [email protected]
  13. I read the article and agreed 100% with it. Measurements are very difficult to obtain accurately when there is no tape measure involved, only using a net handle or something else. I've caught a 49" on Minnetonka, and it looked as big, if not bigger than the one in the picture, IT IS ABSOLUTELY a HUGE fish, I congratulate the angler, excellent catch, but 61" ??? all fishermen are liars except you and me, and sometimes I wonder about you
  14. I was selected for the hunt also. I've been studying the satelite maps from Google so far. Looks like a fair amount of open land, but there's a lot of it. I'm hoping there's some nice deer in there. There will be a fair amount of us in there (at least 60). I'm not sure how they'll split us all up. I wish I had more info... See you at orientation-
  15. So how big of tires and rims should I put on this machine? Any suggestions??? thanks--
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