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  1. I am looking for a good home for a 3 year old Chocolate Lab Male that is current on all shots and is fixed. He has Duck and Pheasant Hunted. He is also house trained and a very loyal companion. His name is Pheasant Run's Shotgun Blast or "Shotgun" He is AKC Papered. He would be best suited in a home without a large number of kids. He currently lives in a household with 2 other labs and 2 kids. He is not a mean dog but has shown aggression by growling at the neighbor kids. Please contact me soon. 507-327-2810
  2. Polaris is the "Way Out"! [image]http://groups.msn.com/HarleyJonandTeamTOPDOG/06polarissportsman800efile.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=67[/image]
  3. There are a number of ways to get all 3 headlights to work. My suggestion is to use a diode. I can not explain here... but if you e-mail me personally, I can get you what you need to perform this. TEAMTOPDOG at Yahoo . com
  4. fishing tech, It sounds as if you have a worn belt... Another good sign of a worn belt is creeping. I myself would take the time and remove the belt cover and have a degreser/cleaner spray handy... cleaning the clutches and housing will increase your belt engagement... If a new belt doesn't take care of the problem... you may need to have the clutches aligned... could be a number of little things holding you back.

    winch size

    The 3.0 is a very nice winch... it is made from stainless steel, and very dependable... I had 2 of these and have since went back to the 2.5 warn winches.... If money is no object... and you are going to own the ATV for a long period of time... make the investment and check out the new warns at [Admin Note: Please read Forum Policy (about links) before posting again. Thank you].... they have the 3.0 set up with the poly rope.... Thats the ticket.... the poly rope nover frays and is just as dependable for those big pulls!

    winch size

    There are a number of different sizes and price ranges... Polaris has been pushing the warn 2500lb winch with there new machines. The way you use your winch should determine the level of use and dependability you want... If it is going to be regularly used... I would consider the Warn 2000 or 2500lb winch... If it is going to be used for occassional trail riding.... I would try out an off brand... In any case you will be needing a winch bracket to go with it. Try Kappers Fabricating in Spring Valley, MN.. They make a number of winch brackets and sell winches... Very dependable people... Talk to Corey Boelman and tell him Jon sent you... (Probably charge you more).... A couple of other things I have picked up along the way that may help you after the purchase... A winch that is rated at 2000LBS is only going to pull to that level with the cable fully unwound... So when you need it for self recovery... you should extend the cable as far as you possibly can... Try and keep the cable as clean as you can and try using a good motorcycle chain lube on the cable.. Also try and keep it coiled tight and uniformly on the spool. A little preventive maintenance now will save you from fraying the cable prematurely. I will stretch my cable out on a hot day and recoil as often as I can... Maybe look into the new poly rope... I have used this one other time and had great luck... just sold the wheeler with it still attached. I would recommend the 2000lb warn with KFI bracket and roller fairlead... Shouldn't set you back too far. Try [Admin Note: Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you] or hsolist... Good Luck! Jon
  7. It sounds to me like you guys are getting a little warped about this subject. It was simply a topic about modifications I have learned that may help others. Like I stated earlier.... you are free to send me an email if you would like to discuss this further... [email protected] ...
  8. Macgyver55, Great "What If Story", but what you are telling me, is that you firmly believe when a modification is done to something... whether it be a house, a car, an ATV... You should reverse that decision you have made and correct it before passing it on. Example.... Passenger Side AirBag Over-Ride on a truck. If we were to look at Topic of this Post... you will see I am here to help THOSE people that are looking to make a modification to their ATV from experience, not looking for personal beliefs. I am reading your post as if you are making decisions for someone else. Advice is one thing, but telling me what's in my best interest, is something I take offense to. Like I have stated before and will state again. Feel free to e-mail me on a personal level. I am here to help with advice and experience that I have on Polaris Sportsmans... Have a nice Day.
  9. Aluminum snowmobile trailers are great for there light weight and loading and unloading but I have found them to be light in the axle when you try and haul more than one of these BIG Polaris's. I would recommend something with a larger tire size that you are able to find tires almost anywhere. [Admin Note: Please read Forum Policy before posting again]
  10. tripper, Just riding an ATV can be dangerous in the wrong hands read an owners manual once. If you would like I could go into detail a number of things that are dangerous about All-Terrain-Vehicles. I would like to think everyone has a little common sense here. It is simply a modification allowing you accomplish the same thing as depressing the little yellow button. It is toggled on and off with a switch, allowing you to return your atv to stock. Fill us in on why you think it is dangerous? Maybe you could explain why, as adults (33), we can't sell or trade OUR ATV's in with this modification done to it. If you would like more details on this subject feel free to contact me at: [email protected]
  11. Looking for answers.... Shoot me an E-mail... [email protected] I have factory style switches available also...
  12. I have worked on a number of Polaris sportsmans ranging from 2000-2006... I have personally owned the following: 2000 Sportsman 500, 2003 Sportsman 700, 2004.5 Sportsman EFI, 2005 Polaris Sportsman 800 EFI, and just purchased the 2006 Sportsman 800 EFI LE. I have installed winches, reverse over-ride switches, 3-way headlight mods, plows, tires, lift kits, almost everything. If it's advice you are looking for... let me know... I will be able to help. Jon
  13. I have just purchased an 06 Polaris Sportsman 800 EFI LE.... Great machine... I traded in my 05 800 EFI loaded... It is at Vetters Sales and Service... Black/Red I have come to respect the fact of doing your research on prices, but you gain respect in the long run with a local dealer that will work with you on the little problems all ATV's experience.... For the best price out there.... Chopper City Sports in Fridley will give you a great deal on NEW. My suggestion.... Get prices and talk to your local dealer. my2cents.
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