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  1. I sent you an Email I'll buy the motor, if the Email didn't make it here it is [email protected] that's a L not a 1 between the 2 and the 9 Thanks JoeT
  2. Can I post an item for sale, do I go under the ice fishing equipment area? Is there a charge for this can someone let me know so I don't post something I shouldn't.
  3. JoeT

    Otter Cottage

    What's a fair price for a this year Otter Cottage that's only been used a few times. Its a package deal extra wide sled, seat and travel cover along with the tent of course. What do you guys in the know think it's worth?? Thanks
  4. JoeT

    Otter cottage

    Just picked up a Small Otter Cottage last night, got the package with sled, seat and cover. Who has a link for MODs for it? Don't want to add much weigth, I alway just pull my sled by hand. Hope it will work out as well as I thing it will. Wanted a bit more room then a small one man tent. People that have this size what do you use for a heater, once again want to keep the weigth down. Thanks for you input.
  5. Please sent pic's [email protected] thats an L between the 2 and the 9. I'm also from Duluth maybe bigswede and I can split the package? Whats the price?
  6. How does it drill and more important how does it redrill hole in an ice house, how much smoke what kind of oil do you use what mix I know some people were using Amsoil last year what do other people think?
  7. Matt almost the same question, I want to buy a flip over this year, have a 20 year old Instant Tent great unit but well worn'n thinking about a Otter Cottage with the extra wide sled, can't slide it into by Tacoma bed because the dog kennel lives there all the time, so it have to go side ways, thing it will work
  8. I see a lot of people use a 11# propane tank, of course its twice as large as a 5#er, would you say much better or just depends on how much you fish?
  9. This sound great are you going to get any of the dealers, vendors in on this like in raffles or prizes etc, any time table as far as start time or ending times I'm sure a lot of us will be driving a distance. Joe T
  10. JoeT

    Food Plot

    Going for a food plot myself this year. Had part of my 40 selective clear cut 2 years ago, getting a dozer in a few weeks to make two small fields thinking both between 3/4 to 1 acre each. Then going the tiller program (low budget). Thinking to dump lime in right away I have heard you always need lime anyways. Run over it with a home made drag behind the wheeler, not sure what or when to plant yet.
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