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  1. I bought a pair of Native from Gander in Lakeville. Love them! Best of all they only cost $120 plus 4 different lenses and lifetime warranty. I owned Maui Jims but after they were stolen decided not to replace them.
  2. Any idea what shipping would cost to Tyler, MN??? Also, whats the lowest you would go as I might be interested for my permanent house if the price is right. Thanks, DA
  3. See Chris, the video would have done wonders for you. Pop the disc into the DVD player and tell the guy to get his check book out!
  4. Since I'm in the business, I'll second all of these comments. If you have a video camera, it is much easier to walk thru the house, garage, storage shed, etc. and have your wife or kids open doors and pull out drawers. Talk into the camera as you are doing this. Great idea to pull your guns out and have someone read the serial number off with make and model and when you bought it. When you have completed your inventory, put that disc or tape in a safety deposit box or at Mom & Dad's house. Never keep in your home. Its easy to update every couple of years. Trust me this will help after a total loss. It isn't for the insurance company, its for you to remember everything you had so we can replace it for you. Just had to take care of one this past week. The ins'd had his check for his home in less than 24hrs.
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