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  1. WOW!!!! Chase on the Lake looks great and only 4.5 hours away. Thanks so much to all for the advice.
  2. I like that Izatys is close, 2.5 hours vs 7 is huge, I don't think its quite as nice as some of the others listed, at least not by looking at the pics on its www. The distance puts it into contention tho.. Thank you. What about leach Lake, seems to me I remember a pretty nice place on the lake but honestly have never fished it.
  3. Craguns looks perfect too.. Really like having options.. Keep em coming... Thank you!!!
  4. Grand Ely looks very promising, that is exactly the kind of place I am looking for. Other suggestions similar to that would be appreciated. Thank you!!!
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. The weekend we choose for the trip is his second weekend home on leave so we are hoping that even if he is delayed a bit he will still be home for those days. Zippel Bay is an awesome place, We have been there many times and will go again. For this trip we are looking for something a bit ritzier. Think pool/hot tub, maybe spa for ladies etc.
  6. Hello all... My son will be home on leave in February, he is currently stationed in Kuwait not Iraq so is not going to be home for Christmas. We have the dates for a trip of February 10-12 but could leave as early as the evening of February 9th. We are looking for a resort/lodge that we can maybe take day trips out ice fishing, guided preferably for the best possible success and then back to a resort of some type to relax and indulge for the evening. My wife and his girlfriend will be joining us but it is still undetermined if they will join us fishing in the day. Amenities will be everything in the place we choose. I really want to make this a relaxing get away for all and not just a fishing trip. Any advice and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We live in Owatonna and would consider LOW but would prefer closer as every hour on the road takes away for his down time.
  7. whoa on the floor. Be fore you speak you better get the details. I don't know them all but I do know some.. This is not just some particle board. It is specifically formulated for wet environments and get this, It has a 25 year warranty. Ive had mine for 2 years, been in water above the floor up on late ice on low. Not one sigle problem. If you call them they can probaly give you the name of the material, the 25 year warranty is straight from the factory not some dealer.
  8. Google - Productive AlternativesĀ® Electronic Buzzer Reel I have 8 in my shack and love them.
  9. Hey Paul. How loud is this thing when it is jigging? Can you hear the motor turning?
  10. Google "Rabbit Fibromas" Pretty common and doesnt adversely effect the animal. Ugly looking though.
  11. Quote: Especially on Red or Mille Lacs once your 2 or 4 Fish have been consumed some will just start on another limit! And you don't think they do that already?? I am all for it, the bad have always done it and always will. It's about time the rest of us who follow the rules get a break and are allowed to have a meal while on the ice. With today's modern shacks entire vacations are spent on the ice, days maybe a week at a time. Not being able to have the days catch as a meal was a ridiculous law. The abusers don't care if there is a law or not.
  12. No new license fee, only a transfer fee wich I think is $15.
  13. It's a great idea. I only wish they would then offer a 3 year fishing license too.
  14. lol, we fish Walleyes on the Mississippi all the time. Lots of big fish!
  15. Thanks for being a good sport TRZ.
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