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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a trim pump for a 1972 glastron. It's needs to lift a 100 horse evinrude. Are there other pump that will work for this? thanks
  2. I recently got a older boat a 1972 glastron with a 100 horse evinrude motor. The boat is in pretty decent condition considering it's age. But the motor just doesn't seem to have the power that it should, even for it's age. Is there anything I can do to give it a boost or what would be the best plan of action? The family wants to be able to use it to pull a skiier or tube as well as catch a few walleyes. Any info is greatly appreiciated. thanks Austin
  3. I am curious, what are some good training books. I want to use it for German Shorthair used mainly for upland bird hunting. I am really willing to work with the pup as much as I can. Thanks for any help. Thanks
  4. I am going to get into bow hunting for whitetail and I'm wondering what would be a good bow to get. I have check out a PSE XLR infinity and a Browning micro midas 3. I like what the PSE has to offer so far. What are some other ideas and what price range am I going to be looking at? Thanks
  5. Austin

    Cover Scents

    Just wondering if anyone has tried useing cover scents like fox or coon urine or even deer urine and if it helps or hurts your odds for coyote hunting thanks
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