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  1. Hey Guys Im headed up tomorrow for my first shot at the big lake. I have been doing a lot of reading and have learned a lot from your posts thank you! It sounds like we need to go further north to have good access to the lake? I was readin all the way up by Winnipeg beach then head down for the mouth. We will be in my ranger with tires I cant wait! Any last bits of advice would be greatly appreciated! I have all of the accesses in my GPS except for up at Winnipeg beach where do we get on up there? Thanks
  2. Got my signature! Its only an assault rifle if it is used to assault someone otherwise its just a rifle!
  3. We usually take just the breast wrap with 1 piece of bacon, cut up onion, greenpepper, apple, and jalepeno. Wrap all of this in a tin foil boat and bake 250 for 6 hrs. You do not even need a knife to cut the meat it is so tender but jalepeno can make it spicy and can be left out i have yet to find someone who hasnt liked this way
  4. Since were on the topic of dishes we have direct tv on our house and have had a lot of trouble getting signal we would try multiple positions and sometimes an hour till we get signal any tips or tricks on getting this process speeded up?
  5. I vote for the mad dog one I have it mounted on back of my sled and it is rock solid been up to oak island many times on rough lake. But does any one know where i can get get replacement velcro straps i melted one with my exhaust.
  6. It is a red twig dogwood they are a nice bush but if you want to get rid of it get a product called Tordon usually at runnings or fleet farm make a fresh cut and barely dab some on an it is a gonner
  7. The reason I think that this bugged me so much is the fact that I am a considerate and ethical angler. If I hear some one is catching fish good for them I would never go and plop down on thier EXACT holes and start fishing. I would maintin a respectful distance and try to find something similar to fish in the area. Its the winter version of fishing someone elses marker.All to many times have I been cut off by another boat between me and my marker. A TRUE fisherman likes to find new spots and thier own school of fish not to be told which holes I shoud go fish in because some other guy did the homework and put in an effort to find a spot with fish. Does anyone disagree with that
  8. The point I am trying to make is the fact that our lakes are getting the dump beat out of them with all of the fishing pressure and new technology why do we need to have a guy spreading the news of where someone else caught fish just because he has a badge and the right to search you. so now that lake gets pressured to beat he**. At least if the bait shop is spreading the news he can make some money selling bait, what does the CO get out of. I may have come off wrong at first I am not mad that someone is fishing the rocks that I found with the camera on my 23 hole Im mad that he thinks he should tell people about others buckets.
  9. I understand thet wardens have a tough job and I was perfectly legal and showed him my fish when he asked, to my knowledge in the last 5 years I have been the only one to drill holes there and I completely understand that it is a public place but I fell the warden shouldn't blab your catch to the rest of the lake, I personally heard him tell the next house. as far as spots being hot and cold this spot has been hot all year have thrown back many nice fish just feel I got a raw deal from the warden by abiding by the law and showing him my fish!
  10. Sniper if you have an email I can send you pics of mine it is on a 98 trail on the back and works awesome
  11. Hey guys was just wondering what your take on my sitchy is. Two days ago I was checked by the warden No problem iwas legal and had five nice eyes in the bucket, the spot I was fishing I had all to my self with one house at a very respectable 40 yards. as he walks to the next house he tells that guy that I have a bucket full, and then goes on to check the rest of the lake. The next night I go out to my same spot and there are two houses practically using my holes and that once respectable guy moved right in close. And we wonder why or lakes are getting beat to dump with loud mouth wardens telling everyone, If it would have been his spot fine but dont do it to one of mine. Any other thoughts from you Guys!
  12. By far your most productive time is at first light look for cattail bottoms and brushy areas, always always remember the wind and that they like to circle down wind have a open shot down wind if possible and sneek in a quite as possible Good luck we killed 97 last yearlike this!
  13. Hey Ratso any chance you would give up some info on where to catch those big crappies, I am not real familiar with the lake especially crappies.
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